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Huffington stayed on as Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post untilwhen she moved on to her current day job as CEO of Thrive Globala blog and training provider devoted to corporate wellness. The platform has typically posted from to 1, articles per day, of which anywhere from 10 to have gone viral. Blogs have always lived or died by their ability to attract readers, and HuffPost excelled on that score with just the right strategy at just the right time.

It is not clear whether a similar strategy implemented in would enable a blog to grow to the same extent as HuffPost, as changes to search engine algorithms have increased the quality of content typically needed to get a high number of views via organic search.

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Trend reversal trading blog was founded in by Peter Rojas, a former Gizmodo editor. Rojas left Engadget inand has since refocused on venture capitalism.

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Affiliate links contained within product reviews are an extensively implemented monetisation option for Engadget. This is a blog which has learned what works best for itself commercially, and has really pushed ahead with that approach.

Whether the largest earning on the Internet blog targets affiliate commissions or other revenue sources, a great lesson to take away from Engadget is that giving prevalence to revenue-driving elements in your blog design can pay off.

Fishkin, who still presents Whiteboard Friday vlogs every now and then, moved on to a new venture, an audience intelligence provider called SparkToroin Moz has shown how a brand can sell products and services by making blogging a key part of its offering.

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Rather than bolting a blog onto its site and posting articles there occasionally; this brand has established one of the very best blogs in its industry. Thanks largely to its blogging, Moz has become a destination and focal point for the SEO community. SincePerez Hilton has written stories on stars such as Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and Miley Cyrus, all the while embedding himself, personally, into celebrity culture.

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Popular features of the PerezHilton blog include gossip stories, photo galleries and quizzes. Famous names and famous faces are given the spotlight, through category headings for specific celebs and heavy use of paparazzi and red carpet photos. This shows a clear understanding of what makes the blog compelling — which is something every blogger needs to figure out about their own blog. Core features of the blog include writing tips, analysis of new developments in content marketing, and podcast episodes.

Given the fact Copyblogger is a blog about copywriting, it faces serious pressure to practise what it preaches and produce good copy.

Its articles tend to meet that requirement, with very clear formatting and interesting, conversational writing. Another interesting feature — this time from a monetisation standpoint — is Mashable Dealsa section of the blog which features deals, reviews, product roundups the largest earning on the Internet other commercially focused content.

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Between andTechCrunch ran the popular startup database Crunchbasewhich is now a separate entity. It covers subject areas including coding and web design, business, photography, music and graphic design. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia.

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Founded inthis blog has grown to become one of the leading sources of guidance and commentary covering all things web, from information architecture to website aesthetics. Interestingly, the blog has a live member counter on its homepagewhich strikes us as a clever way to help readers quantify the value of their financial contribution to the blog.

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