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However, only the ones below are used in base R. Options can also be passed by giving a single unnamed argument which is a named list. This facilitates retrieving an option and checking whether it is set and setting it separately if not.

Details Invoking options with no arguments returns a list with the current values of the options.

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Note that not all options listed below are set initially. To access the value of a single option, one should use, e. For optionsa list of all set options sorted by name. For options namea list of length one containing the set value, or NULL if it is unset. For uses setting one or more options, a list with the previous values of the options changed returned invisibly.


Note For compatibility with S there is a visible object. Options whose value is a pairlist containing the current options in no particular order. Assigning to it will make a local copy and not change the original. Using it however is faster than calling options. An option set to NULL is indistinguishable from a non existing option.

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Options used in base R add. Could also be set to an integer for specifying how many simulated smooths should be added.

  • Set the subtitle codec.
  • options function | R Documentation
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This is currently only used by plot. If true, loadNamespace asks a user to accept any non-standard license at first load of the package. CBoundsCheck: logical, controlling whether. C and. Fortran make copies to check for array over-runs on the atomic vector arguments. See library for details. R : defaultPackages: the packages that are attached by default when R starts up. It will not work to set this in a. Rprofile file, as its value is consulted before that file is read.

Default Initially unset, and only used if set to a positive integer. It is a suggestion only.

Valid values are 1…22 with default 7. See the note in print.

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Valid values are 0…6 with ooo bridge trading mos 0. See strftime. Currently download methods "internal", "wininet" Windows only"libcurl", "wget" and "curl" are available. Only used in non-interactive mode, when it controls whether input is echoed.

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See connections. If the option is a function, a call to that function, with no arguments, is generated as the expression. By default the option is not set: see stop for the behaviour in that case. The functions dump.

Note that these need to specified as e. Valid values are 25… with default If you increase it, you may also want to start R with a larger protection stack; see --max-ppsize in Memory.

Note too that you may cause a segfault from overflow of the C stack, and on OSes where it is possible you may want to increase that.

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  • MySQL :: MySQL Reference Manual :: mysql Client Options
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Once the limit is reached an error is thrown. Parse data can then be retrieved with getParseData and used e. The value has effect only when internally storing source code see keep.

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The default is TRUE. The space overhead of parse data can be substantial even after compression and it causes performance overhead when loading packages. The default is interactivei.

When deemed beneficial for performance, "default" may call the 3-loop algorithm unconditionally, i. The 3-loop algorithm uses only a double accumulator for summation, which is consistent with the reference BLAS implementation.

On older systems it will run correctly, but may be much slower than "default". Options 1 0 character string containing a single character. The preferred character to be used as the decimal point in output conversions, that is in printing, plotting, format and as.

On Windows defaults to "internal", which uses a pager similar to the GUI console. Another possibility is "console" to use the console itself. Can be a character string or an R function, in which case it needs to accept the arguments files, header, title, delete.

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If true, the limit is reduced using R's estimate of the C stack size available if knownotherwise If NA, the limit is imposed only if any input string has or more bytes.

Either logical or a numerical threshold for the minimum number of strings to be matched for the pattern to be options 1 0 the default is Missing values and negative numbers are treated as false.

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Missing values are treated as false. This should be a command that expects either input to be piped to stdin or to be given a single filename argument. Usually set to "lpr" on a Unix-alike. This is the set of characters use to break the input line into tokens for object- and file-name completion.

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A penalty to be applied when deciding to print numeric values in fixed or exponential notation. Positive values bias towards fixed and negative towards scientific notation: fixed notation will be preferred unless it is more than scipen digits wider.

What happens if those options are never seen? This is usually fine, but sometimes you want more control. If we want optparse to set verbose to True unless -q is seen, then we can do this: parser. For clarity, try to use one method or the other of setting default values, not both.

If set and TRUE, R run in a terminal using a recent readline library will set the width option when the terminal is resized. Should warning and error messages show a summary of the call stack? By default error calls are shown in non-interactive sessions. Controls options 1 0 long the sequence of calls must be in bytes before ellipses are used.

Defaults to 40 and should be at options 1 0 1 0 30 and no more than If set to TRUE or "top", the source location that is highest on the stack the most recent call will be printed.

Option() - Web APIs | MDN

Integer values can select other entries. The value 0 corresponds to "top" and positive values count down the stack from there. The value -1 corresponds to "bottom" and negative options 1 0 count up from there.