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Google has a huge edge over rival search engines because its popularity keeps adding to its understanding of what consumers are looking for.

And those competitors are pointing investigators toward that enormous index, the gravitational center of the company. Every search request provides Google with more data to make its search algorithm smarter. Google has performed so many more searches than any other search engine that it has established a huge advantage over rivals in understanding what consumers are looking for.

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That lead only continues to widen, since Google has a market share of about 90 percent. Google directs billions of users to locations across the internet, and websites, hungry for that traffic, create a different set of rules for the company. When other crawlers encountered problems, Bandcamp would usually block them.

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Maril continued to research the different ways that websites opened doors for Google and closed them for others. Maril, 29, who works at another technology company that does not compete directly with Google. He asked that The New York Times not identify his employer since he was not speaking for it.

Google Dominates Thanks to an Unrivaled View of the Web

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment. Websites and search engines are symbiotic.

Websites rely on search engines for traffic, while search engines need access to crawl the sites to provide relevant results for users. Since having their pages crawled costs money, websites have an incentive to let it be done only by search engines that direct enough traffic to them. Google and Microsoft are the only search engines that spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually to maintain a real-time map of the English-language internet.

Google holds a significant leg up on Microsoft in more than market share. Other large tech companies deploy crawlers for other purposes.

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Facebook has a crawler for links that appear on its site or services. Amazon says its crawler helps improve its voice-based assistant, Alexa. Apple has its own crawler, Applebot, which has fueled speculation that it might be looking to build its own search engine.

But indexing has always been a challenge for companies without deep pockets. The privacy-minded search engine DuckDuckGo decided to stop crawling the entire web more than a decade ago and now syndicates results from Microsoft.

It still webas tec make money online sites like Wikipedia to provide results for webas tec make money online boxes that appear in its results, but maintaining its own index does not usually make financial sense for the company.

When FindX started to develop an alternative to Google inthe Danish company set out to create its own index and offered a build-your-own algorithm to provide individualized results.

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FindX quickly ran into problems. Large website operators, such as Yelp and LinkedIn, did not allow the fledgling search engine to crawl their sites.

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What pages they did collect were frequently spam or malicious web pages. When he started Givero, he syndicated search results from Microsoft.

Most large websites are judicious about who can crawl their pages. In general, Google and Microsoft get more access because they have more users, while smaller search engines have to ask for permission.

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Image Mr. Maril demonstrating his website that looks into web crawling.

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