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The Yukon Legislative Building is the meeting place for the territory's legislative assembly. Yukon has numerous political parties and candidates who stand for election to the 19 seats in the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

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Those elected to the legislature are known as members of the Legislative Assembly and may use the post nominal letters "MLA". The three parties presently represented are the centre-leaning Yukon Liberal Party 11 seats — who currently form government, the centre-right leaning Yukon Party 6and the Yukon New Democratic Party 2.

Silver took office following the Yukon general electionwhere his Liberals won a majority government.

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History[ edit ] In the 19th century, Yukon was a segment of North-Western Territory that was administered by the Hudson's Bay Companyand then of the Northwest Territories administered by the federal Canadian government.

It only obtained a recognizable local government in when it became a separate district of the Northwest Territories.

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Prior tothe territory was administered by the commissioner who was appointed by the federal Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. The commissioner had a role in appointing the territory's Executive Council, served as chair, and had a day-to-day role in governing the territory.

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The elected Territorial Council had a purely advisory role. Ina significant degree of power was devolved from the commissioner and the federal government to the territorial legislature yukon trading official website, in that year, adopted a party system of responsible government. This change was accomplished through a letter from Jake EppMinister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, rather than through formal legislation.

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In preparation for responsible governmentpolitical parties were organized and ran candidates to the Yukon Legislative Assembly for the first time in The Progressive Conservatives won these elections and formed the first party government of Yukon in January The conservatives returned to power in under John Ostashek after having renamed themselves the Yukon Party.

The Liberal government of Pat Duncan yukon trading official website defeated in elections in Novemberwith Dennis Fentie of the Yukon Party forming the government as premier. The Yukon Act, passed on April 1,formalized the powers of the Yukon government and devolved additional powers to the territorial government e. As ofother than criminal prosecutions, the Yukon government has much of the same powers as provincial governments, and the other two territories are looking to obtaining the same powers.

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Main article: Yukon electoral district At the federal level, Yukon is represented in the Parliament of Canada by one member of Parliament MP and one senator. MPs from Canadian territories are full and equal voting representatives and residents of the territory enjoy the same rights as other Canadian citizens. Members of Parliament[ edit ] The entire territory is options workshops riding electoral district in the House of Commons of Yukon trading official websitealso called Yukon.

List of members of Parliament from Yukon: Parliament.

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