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Last updated: June 16, 12 business systems beginners can use to make money online It used to be that the power to become a business that was built on systems—businesses that are representative of the B quadrant in the Cashflow Quadrant —rested with a few. The barrier to entry was high.

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It was expensive and risky. Of course, the payoff for success was big, which was why many people tried.

In addition to this global bestseller, Robert Kiyosaki has authored over a dozen books. These books talk about taxes, how to invest in real estate, small and big businesses and other money related topics. But Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been his most influential and bestselling book and this book is the catalyst behind his immense fame. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them. It all started at a very early age for him.

Unfortunately, many failed. Today, thanks to the internet, the world is changing. Almost anyone can build a systems-based business online—if they know how. This post will give you a number of ideas on how to build a business. The best kind of income Generally speaking, there are three kinds of income Earned income is the income that employees and self-employed people make. This often means exchanging your time for money. It is the highest-taxed income with very little provisions for tax breaks.

Portfolio income is income made through capital gains.

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It also is taxed high and requires active management. It can also be risky because you often have little control over whether something goes up or down in value.

How Debt and Taxes Can Make Smart Entrepreneurs Rich

It is the best form of income. If you want to be rich, you need to master the art of passive income. Thankfully, there are many ways to make passive income online. The power of an internet business system The internet and computers give us the power to be entrepreneurs. It gives you the ability to communicate and market online through email and social media. It gives you the tools for accounting and access to legal advice.

The computer lets you search the whole world for manufacturers. And if you want to learn something, you can easily Google it or watch a video on YouTube. The cost of education is near zero It is only the system.

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The entrepreneur is the brains and must still provide leadership to build a self-sustaining system. Not understanding this is why so many digital entrepreneurs fail. Rather than build a B-quadrant business, they often build an S-quadrant business. They create a job that they own, but not a business.

It requires them and their time to exist. A true digital business, however, does not need the founder and owner to work in order to make money. The business system continues to run no matter what. This is true even for businesses that seem like they would require the work of the owner. But the most successful freelancers actually do very little work. Rather they build a system where they utilize subcontractors to do the work.

The owner of the business spends his or her time building a big network of customers and scaling the business.

How to make money with kiyosaki is the foundation of an agency model—it is a system of business, not a job that you own. And that is the difference between someone focused on earned income and someone focused on passive income.

The Ultimate Hypocrite: Robert Kiyosaki and His Company’s Bankruptcy

Why your system is the key to success The human body is a system of systems. So is a business. The human body is made up of a circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, and so on. If one of those systems stops, there is a good chance the body will be crippled or die. The same is true with a business. The B-I Triangle is a system for building a great business that any entrepreneur should be familiar with.

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In the internet age, all of the components of the B-I Triangle can be accelerated at a much lower cost. Adapting the B-I Triangle to make money online For instance, it used to be that communicating for a business was very expensive.

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How to make money with kiyosaki had to invest in hardware like phone systems, fax machines, and copiers to do internal communications. To reach your customers, you had to do advertising that was very expensive.

Today, for practically nothing, you can email around the world, text on your phone, Zoom internationally, and use social media to 247 benefit binary options reviews. And all of these things can be set up in an instant. The same with systems.

Say you wanted to share information with teams across the world a little over a decade ago. You had to invest in an expensive server system. Now, you can use the cloud to share documents and how to make money with kiyosaki collaboratively for free with services like Google Docs and Slack.

Or say you wanted to sell products via catalog. You had to invest in cumbersome order systems, people to man the phones, and a vast supply chain. Today, you can utilize a site like Amazon. The point is that though the barrier to entry is lower than ever, you must still understand the fundamental systems you need in place to run a successful business.

And you must have the brains to find and build out those how to make money with kiyosaki in a sustainable way in the digital world. This is not a comprehensive list, but it is a place where you can start. This is not a comprehensive overview, but just a place to start.

How to Make Money Work for You like Robert Kiyosaki

See something you like? Go deep and do your research. Each of these has tons of resources you can dig into online. Real estate wholesaling Real estate wholesaling is the art of finding a deal, getting it under contract, and then finding another buyer who wants the deal—for a fee. The internet is perfect for making money through real estate wholesaling. For one, you can easily search and find properties online through sites like Zillow, Redfin, and more.

Craigslist is also a very good place to look. Second, you can create a website where you list your property contracts for sale, build a large database, and email market.

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The goal of a mature online real estate wholesaling business is to have investors coming to you, not needing to search them out. Additionally, you can turn this into a passive income business by building enough volume to hire employees that find the deals for you.

Find your first real estate investment property When I first started real estate business, it how to make money with kiyosaki very time intensive. You had to work with a realtor to go over many listings or attend auctions and investing clubs to get hot leads on great properties. Today, you can do all these things online, often setting up alerts that come to you when properties that are in your criteria are listed.

Using sites like Zillow and Redfin, you can find just about any property in any city that you might be interested in Real estate is the ultimate passive income game too. Once you find a property that cash flows, you can hire a manager to manage it and it puts money in your pocket each month Stock investing Long gone are the days of needing a broker in order to buy and sell stocks.

A subscription to a few financial publications, free newsletters, and simple Google searches can put you light years ahead of other investors and traders. Want to dig deeper?

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BitCoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies provide a new and exciting way to make money online in this constantly evolving field. If you want to learn more, how to make money with kiyosaki out our partner Rocket Fuel and their Crypto Series. In fact, one of the biggest markets for small businesses to sell their products online. If you already have a physical product to sell, great!

If this sounds of interest to you, check out this course by our partner Amazing Selling Machine. In fact the secondary sneaker market is massive on eBay. Those things are selling like hotcakes. Finally, if you want ultimate control, you can set up an e-commerce site for yourself with eas on platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. Create a cash-flowing content machine Content is king Consider offering your services creating content for others.

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Get a big enough client base and hire subcontractors to fulfill the work. You can do that through sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Craigslist and more. Once you have your subcontractor bench full, just fill it up with work.

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Another great source of passive income is creating info products like courses to sell and productize your expertise. Online learning is huge, and if you have great and proven how to make money with kiyosaki, people will pay to learn from you. The best part is there are many membership platforms out there that you can subscribe to where you can easily host your content and manage your members. Learn how to make money on Amazon just by publishing your expertise through Kindle with the Kindle Cash Flow class.

Bymore than million people will be out of work, up from the current million, according to the World Employment and Social Outlook. Raise your hand if you recognize yourself with at least one of the situations given above.

The best part about info products is that once you create them, they make you money without needing to do anymore work. Affiliate marketing Another great way to make money online is creating an affiliate blog of your own or publishing on affiliate platforms. It has to be good content and provide true value, but once you are a respected affiliate marketer, you have no trouble building relationships to sell. Two of the most popular and high converting affiliate platforms are Amazon on and ClickBank.

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Why not give these a try for a start? Become a consultant Do you know the intricacies of search engines or have sales and technical skills in platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, or LinkedIn?

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Then maybe becoming a small-business consultant is your way to create money online. Today, businesses in every industry are popping up like mushrooms and all of them could use your expertise. Depending on your depth of knowledge and level of experience, business owners will pay you to provide guidance on how to build or expand their businesses using online systems. Building websites, creating content calendars, growing email lists are only a few systems small-business owners need help with.

The only question is, do you know how? Become a coach Similar to the way a consultant provides guidance on strategy and implementation of the business solution, a coach can be a very profitable way to make money online.

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