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Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Note to players: grab a sweater because Beholder 2 is sure to bring some chills. With the wicked, monochrome graphics and even darker themes, players will without a doubt feel as if they have been thrown into a dystopian world of shadows and mystery.

The feeling of beolder how to make money panoptic eye brings forth the looming question, are you brave enough to reach the top and bring light to the darkness? After a brief intro where players learn their father has been killed, they are introduced to their new life beolder how to make money work at the Ministry.

This work, though entertaining to the player, is designed to appear tedious and oppressive to their character. Furthermore, players are only allotted a certain amount of time per day to fulfill their duties and perform any leisurely activities they may desire.

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While at first I found this difficult, as time went on, I began to find my footing and get used to managing my time. It is vital that players pay attention to their clock and do not get caught up in earning money or socializing.

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While it is crucial to earn money so you can pay bills, nothing is worse than running out of time and being unable to complete your daily tasks. Like real life, players work because they must pay for things like rent, electricity, and other necessities which can become extremely expensive quite quickly.

  • The setting is a totalitarian government who pretends to benefit the people.
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To earn enough money players must perform their daily tasks… perfectly. To do this, players should look for patterns in the way their visitors ask them questions, declare issues, or present information.

A Game of Moral Choices

For instance, players will find there are significant differences in complaints and denunciations. If players can notice small details like this, it will ensure they receive money for their hard work.

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So, consider your choices carefully they might just link up! Overall, Beholder 2 is a well-constructed game.

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From dialogue to gameplay, Warm Lamp Games has really hit the nail on the head when constructing this thrilling new strategy game. Without sparing any gruesome details, the execution of an omnipresent, dystopian society is certainly evident.

  1. But a person can be blackmailed, then you can regather the same evidence and report them.
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  4. Beholder 2 is essentially a point and click adventure, but it mixes narrative, puzzle and exploration elements in a way that makes it feel unique.

The monochrome graphics, raw language, and violence frame Beholder 2 as one of the most entertaining yet oppressive adventure games in a while.

Rating: 9. Gaming has been a passion of mine since my grandma bought me The Sims for PC and my love for gaming flourished from there. Steam Review 9.