Browser extension for making money on the Internet

Make money from browser extensions

One of the neatest things about Google Chrome is the ability to install thousands of extensions to make your internet browsing more efficient and fun.

Here are 20 great Google Chrome extensions that every online entrepreneur should install.

No matter if you use Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or some other browsers, one or a few of these extensions are sure to work for you.

It automatically blocks Flash from loading which will drastically decrease your load times on sites that use Flash. When I go to a site for the first time, I subconsciously hover over this extension to get an idea of how much traffic that site gets.

If you binary options trading robots the icon, it shows more SEO information about the site like the Compete Ranking, pages indexed, backlink counts, social counts, and a link to the Whois information.

This is a must-have extension for anyone who edits websites.

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It allows you to see what your site looks like without CSS, remove all sorts of design elements, and otherwise troubleshoot every aspect of your site. Warning: Only use this extension if you want a comprehensive list of all the things that make you site load slow. But if you simply want to know what your website looks like on any device and every screen resolution, this tool is the ticket. — the extension with which you earn

It allows you to take a screenshot of an entire webpage. Then the tool pops up to draw lines, shapes, and even text.

I knew that it was possible, but I had not idea how to do it. You can read a full review of what TexTrader does and how to use it here. As I looked at the Chrome extension, I could see that it was a pretty cool idea, but it could be improved. But I could also see that the product itself could be improved and that it could be marketed and sold much better.

PDF file with all or most of the design elements intact. Chrome Extension: Hover Zoom Apture Apture is a robust extension that lets you highlight any word or phrase on any webpage and a little window pops up with the definition, Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube results that are relevant to that term. It lets you aggregate all of your Twitter feeds and makes it easy to Tweet from any of your accounts. Chrome Extension: TweetDeck Better Gmail Better Gmail improves your Gmail experience by giving you the option to hide ads, add attachment icons, and show desktop notifications.

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This is a must-have extension if you use Browser extension for making money on the Internet. The icon displays the current temperature and weather.

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Chrome Extension: Forecastfox H20 H2O is a simple extension that helps you keep track of how many glasses of water you drink. Since I started limiting myself to 15 minutes per day between all distracting sites, I Facebook faster and Twitter less. However, you still need to activate it.

No Chrome? Set it as your default browser. Browse the internet like a nerd.

5 Extensions That Will Help You Earn Extra Money

You may not need or want all of these extensions, but I encourage you to try them out. Did I miss any good Chrome Extensions?

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Let me know in the comments.