Expert Advisors do not trade demo account

Expert Advisors do not trade demo account trading robots by trend

See if I can help with some answers. If you are not testing at They simly can not be relied upon. There is a lot of work kinda to achieve Difference between live, demo and strategy tester are critical to understand when evaluating a bot.

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On a demo account and in tester you have instant exuction of your trade. So your results will be skewed in your favour and not repeatable in a live environment. So when trading live, variables that will affect your results include latency.

Shutdown Setup Before using of experts, one has to set them up first. Working parameters common for all experts are defined in the client terminal settings window.

The time between when you hit your buy button and when its recieved at you brokers terminal. Then exuction speed.

Expert Advisors do not trade demo account where real big money is made

Actually this is a bit of marketing bull. Your broker will always be your counter party as your trading OTC derivatives offered by them and them alone.

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No-one secret earnings on the Internet is involved in your specutive trade. How they manage your risk is generally written in fine print serval pages into they PDS. It is not up to your broker to find the best fill price for your order So for us poor layman there can be delays of significant time between when we hit the trade manually or through a bot and the trade being exucted.

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This is where the phrase slippage comes from. Your broker is always managing their risk.

What Is An MT4 Expert Advisor? Plus How To Install One

Being able to hedge your trade is more important to them than filling your order. Not too much of an issue if your chasing triple digits pips, but if Expert Advisors do not trade demo account chasing single digits it can break you. If using strategy test the bot shows potential you move to a demo account.

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If similar but generally less results are achieved you move to a small live account. Start increasing your capital.

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Its a process and a marathon. Best of luck bro Bob May 24,pm 3 ive noticed that backtests correlate more with trade history when you run timeframes on larger strategies with larger targets.

How to test Expert Advisors - a comprehensive MetaTrader 4 manual

May 24,pm 4 Plork is right, the higher time frame and larger profit margins you shoot for the less effect that slippage and spread will have on you. Also for the record, slippage can work both for and against you, so it kind of works out to be a moot issue anyways. Best of luck to you!