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Is Collect tea earn money Club free to play?

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The game is free to download and play. By default, you get two cups of tea maximum, which regenerate every three hours, starting after one cup is used. The in-game currency is very easy to obtain, so it is easy to enjoy this game without spending real money. Both in-game currency and "cup of teas" can be also purchased collect tea earn money real money if so you wish.

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How do I get diamonds? Some choices in this game are premium choices and cost in-game currency, which is represented by blue diamonds.

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You can earn diamonds by logging into the game every day: the longer you log in for, the more diamonds you get, up to a maximum of 6 diamonds a day. If you fail to login within 24 hours from your last login, the counter is reset to zero. From day 26 to day 4 diamonds per day. From day onwards: 6 diamonds per day.

Adverts are also available after every new chapter you read for the first time.


Re-reading chapters you collect tea earn money previously read does not award you any diamonds. Purchasing them with real money: Several options are available.

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Packages from 20 diamonds up to diamonds are available for purchase in your local currency. What do I do? The developers usually announce the release date every month or so.

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For more precise info about when the next update is, come and join us on the Reddit fan community! Can I personalize my MC?

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Main Character - you the player Yes. You can customize your MC's ethnicity, wardrobe and hairstyle, however so far you can only play as a female. In some books - Sails in the Fog, Moonborn, Legend of the Willow and Love from Outer Space - you cannot choose your character's first name, but in all the other books you can.

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At the moment of writing, the MC is only female but the developers have promised stories with male MCs to be released in Can I date both female and male Love Interests? Your character is female by default, but in each buy option in the money, you have the opportunity to establish a romantic relationship with either male or female characters, although generally speaking, the male characters seem to have longer scenes and more space in old books, while new books have expanded on the female LI content.

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Which characters are romanceable in each story? The first three have more screentime compared to the others, some of which appear in later seasons.

Romantic one-off scenes can also be had with Trisha and Dante. In Queen in 30 days : RichardAdam and - later in the series - Leonard are the main romanceable characters.

From Tea to Décor: 25 Gorgeous Projects to Upcycle Old Teacups

In Wave Patrol : Jake and Kayla are the main romanceable characters. Alek can be romanced in Season 1 only, while Charles is a romantic interest in Season 2 only. In Season 2 you have a chance to romance Orlando or Hiro and have a one-off casual romantic scene with Gustavo and Joseph and Christian.

A one-off romantic scene can be had with Adi.

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BontMalbonte and Loy are romantic options from Season 3. In Legend of the Willow : Kazu and Masamune are the main romanceable characters.

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It has not yet been confirmed whether Takao is a love interest or not. Shino-Odori also seems to be a romantic option from Season 2.