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Updated on 20 August 8 Comments Share the love Need to boost your income? Here are five things you can do in your tea break that can start you on the path to riches.

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Write a concise, structured guide or review of somewhere you've been on holiday, preferably supplement it with a few photos and upload it. If it's accepted, they'll post it to the site for users to review. The more people who read it, the higher its rating will be.

That's the result of a recent settlement in a class-action lawsuit accusing dairy farmers of colluding to fix milk prices. Consider these 10 options: 1.

And the more people who read the article and click on the advertising links, the more you're likely to earn. Make your reviews make money in five minutes, informative and pack them with tips and you could make a tidy sum.

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And sign up to social networking site Yuwie which can actually pay you a percentage of its advertising revenue to use it. You'll get a page view every time someone looks at your blog or profile, and the more page views you get, the more money you'll earn.

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Companies such as AlamyPhotobox and Fotolia allow you to upload your photos to sell. You will have to pay a chunk to the website provider but depending on how many you sell you could still make some decent cash. You can list any skills you have, from cleaning and cooking, to picking up deliveries and waiting in for the gasman.

Like minded souls can get in touch and you can work out a rate between you.

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John Fitzsimons highlights the best sites to visit if you fancy a freebie! And, while you're at it, get paid to listen to music by signing up to SliceThePie.

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You'll have to review random anonymous tracks you are given, and the pay is low typically 5p to 25p per song but if you're a music buff, it might appeal! Sites like spareground. Check parket.

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