Why don t you want to earn money

The main reason for not making money online is because you think is easy and when you realize that it is a why don t you want to earn money of work, you get bored and give up. I am working online since and based on my experience, I can assure you that it is possible to make money online but it requires a LOT of patience and hard work. In this post, you will learn the 5 main reasons why you are not making any money online.

why don t you want to earn money

Towards the end of the post, I will also outline some solid ways to follow that work for making money online. If you are selling a high-converting product you can make money with only a few visitors per day but if you want to make money from advertising you need a few thousand per day.

1. Living with mommy

Without traffic do not expect to make any money online. When we talk about traffic, in the minds of many people Google is the only way but this is not true.

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There are many sources of Internet traffic you can use to meet your monetary targets but you need to know where to find them. There is no magic way to make thousands of dollars in a few months and there is no magic way to make money without doing a lot of hard work.

why don t you want to earn money

This also means that if you just started a website or blog you will not make money any time soon unless of course, you created an exceptional product or website. From my experience, you need at least one year usually more of hard work before making any decent amount of money either from AdSense, affiliate programs, or through selling your own product.

Everything starts with SEO and I am not referring only to keyword analysis or content marketing but to the bigger picture which includes understanding your customers and using SEO to give them what they want.

why don t you want to earn money

The majority of webmasters still make mistakes with SEO despite the plethora of information about proven techniques that work. To help you understand how important is to be patient, take into account the following examples: It may take months before you start getting any organic traffic from Google or Bing It may take a few months until you why don t you want to earn money a decent number of Facebook and Twitter followers It may take months until you get your first RSS subscriber or comment in your blog The bottom line is that you need to aim for long term success and forget about any short term temporary results.

You created a website for the sole purpose of making money online Creating a website for the sole purpose of making money online is all time bitcoin chart thing of the past.

why don t you want to earn money

A few years ago you could create a number of websites, publish a few posts, build tens of incoming links and make money with AdsenseAmazon affiliate, or other affiliate promotions. It was a model that worked for a couple of years and some people who were clever and fast enough to understand this, made enough money.

2. Economic illiteracy

This model does no longer works. You cannot start a website for the sole purpose of adding Adsense or promoting a particular product or anything similar to this. Your website or blog needs to have a purpose that goes beyond making money. You need to create something that adds value to the user by offering good content, free services, and incentives for the user to come and visit your web site again and again.

why don t you want to earn money

When you do that persistently for a number of months, the money will follow. I know that it is difficult to understand this especially if you are a beginner to the online world, but take my word for it there are no shortcuts or overnight tricks.

1. You don’t have enough traffic

Additional Resources How to make money with digital marketing How can you make money online? To close this post with a positive message here are some tested ways to make money — if you manage to combine some of these methods together then you can make a living online as well! You create a high-quality web site with good content that offers value to your readers.

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After some time you have enough readers and daily visits and you make money through Google Adsense. As an example, check out my SEO Course.

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The application can be either free and gain from advertising or paid. To make money from advertising you need to have many downloads at leastand many active users. To sell your application you need to have a good marketing plan.

2. Your website/blog is too young

The competition is tough and without a marketing strategy, it will be very difficult to make a decent amount of sales. If you have the necessary skills you can sell your services online.

why don t you want to earn money

Check out peopleperhour. These are the four main methods I have used successfully over the years and made a living online.

If you search more on the topic you will find other methods like selling on eBay or amazon, running an online shop, dropshipping etc. I hate spam as much as you do! Connect with him on Twitter. Reader Interactions.