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How to invest in the Internet of Things, without the hype The buzz around the internet of things is finally producing results for investors. Investors are suckers for it, especially when technology is involved. But is it the next mega-trend or just hype?

Consider that only three billion actual computers currently access the web.

How to invest in the Internet of Things, without the hype

As the cost of sensors and the bandwidth needed to connect devices drops, more products will hit the market. Goldman lists several segments that stand to benefit, led by industrials and home automation.

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The industrial sector alone could account for one-third of the IoT market, with companies caantitative trading model Schneider Electric EPA: SUwhich specializes in energy management systems, leading the way. The investment case for smart homes is likewise focused on efficiencies. Goldman expects security systems to become another growth niche.

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As it stands, only a small fraction of U. Richard Tse, a technology analyst at Cormark Securities, wants to see more developments before getting excited about IoT.

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There have been few real leaps in this space, he says, with one exception: cars. Globally, regulations coming into effect will require cars to be wired for safety, he says.

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The Richmond, B. While the Goldman report concedes these are still early days, its case for investing in IoT is that the key obstacles to mass adoption are gone. Investors also need to look beyond the tech space. Insurers, for instance, are already offering discounts to drivers who agree to be monitored.

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The companies get a better-informed way to set premiums, and that should lower the volatility of their margins. Here, Goldman says, investors should avoid holding companies internet investments are not hype are slow to adapt.