How to make money shortening links. How to Earn Money with Link Shortening - A Case Study

How to Earn Money with Link Shortening – A Case Study

The one thing they all share in common is the never ending desire to master the art of monetizing their content and audiences. While not all content and audiences are the same, the value in their traffic is always something that should is heavily sought after — no matter the country, focus or demographic.

Consequently, you will get paid by PayPal, Payza, Paxum and more. So far the tool has had 2, clicks. Moreover, there are 88, links and 26, registered users.

In this article, we are going to take a look at what link shortening is, the different services out there you can use how to make money shortening links how sites are making money link shortening services in the process. The concept of link shortening is just like what it sounds like.

How To Shorten Links And Earn Money With Paid Link Shorteners

You provide a full website URL to a link shortening service, then you are instantly provided with a short URL redirect that sends users to your requested site location. A good example of this would be if you were to share a link on Twitter with your audience. This type of link shortening is automatically done through Twitter, but there actually several reasons what you might want to use a link shortening service for your own links or sharing on other sites, such as: Saving space and making ugly long links look pretty.

Yes, the most common reason for using link shorteners is to simply shorten very long links. This is especially true when using social media, as shown above.

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Gain advanced tracking and statistics on your long links. Hide affiliate links and target URLs. Sometimes how to make money shortening links want to promote an affiliate offer or link to another site with a referral ID, but you might not want that information to be public. This is a perfect example of why other site sites are using link shortening.

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Linking to blocked websites and content through social media. Sometimes social networks like Facebook and Twitter block websites for whatever reason. One method to get around this is to use link shortening services.

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Making money with your links. In addition to each of the benefits above, site owners can also make money by using link shortening services to display advertising in between the visitor process, thus generating a new source of revenue.

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How Paid Link Shorteners Work As mentioned in the many benefits of link shorteners above, the one that probably stands out the most is the concept of making money with your links. The way link shortening services make money for users of their service is quite simple, and it goes something like this: A visitor will click on the shortened link from your site or traffic source An advertisement is displayed on an intermediate paid this is how you earn money The visitor then has the option to view the advertisement or click over skip to their final destination This type of advertising has many advantages for sites that are looking to push a lot of high-traffic volume away from their sites.

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You can see the full process of how this works through the image below. Link Shortening Comparison Case Study When a lot of bloggers decided to start paying greater attention to paid link shorteners, it was decided to give them a try as well. Are link shorteners a scam? Or maybe they really allow to make money?

Due to many contrary opinions among users, I reached out to a team to run their own link shortening campaigns to split test the results across top networks.

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A few minutes with Google were enough to understand that Adf. We also found some information about Bc. For testing purposes, non-bot traffic was purchased from 11 countries.

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There were: Spain ES.