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Our team at Trading Strategy Guides has been getting lots of questions in terms of how to trade around big Forex news events. This has the potential to completely change the way you see Forex news trading and how to make money trading.

Before diving more into this Forex news trading guide you can check out 2 key invaluable tips that will help you make money in the long run: How to Make Money Trading — 2 Keys to Success.

Blending the news data

This fear of By strategy news trading news trading is irrational and only shows a lack of understanding of the markets. Forex news trading is unpredictable and high risk is another myth that needs to be debunked. Forex news trading can be profitable. The process to predict the news can be fairly simple if you put in the necessary time, practice and efforts to understand the mechanism behind Forex news trading.

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Here is an approach to currencies by Warren Buffett. Establish in which direction that currency is going to move.

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  • When these news come out with their figures or numbers, the currency market responds to these so if you like to trade news announcement, you may like to try this strategy.
  • How to trade the news - news based trading strategies How to trade the news - news based trading strategies June 28, UTC Reading time: 19 minutes In the past, trading the news has long been the domain of Forex day traders.

This question is hidden options to the last point of our news trading strategy three-step process.

Here is another best strategy called trading volume in forex.

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Would you like to see our most Successful News Trading Software? Check it out here! Step 1 Choosing the Forex News Event The Forex market trades 24h around the clock which means that the Forex economic calendar will have scheduled Forex risk events from different parts of the world.

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Step 2 Choosing the Forex by strategy news trading events Currency Pair When trading big Forex news events you want to focus more on the major currency pair and the most liquid currency pairs.

By now you hopefully you get the picture.

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Step 3 News trading strategy Establishing a Directional Bias Establishing the bias requires some work from your part. You need to read the news to absorb the sentiment.

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For example, the market by strategy news trading for the June NFP report was k versus k from the previous reading. This means that the market sentiment and the build-up ahead of the news release were quite positive.

Straddle Trade

However, the NFP reading below k is still not enough for the Fed who seeks to hike rates, in which case it needs to see stronger evidence of a healthy labor market. We want to emphasize the importance of relying on technical analysis and price action when trading the Forex news events.

Actually, trading the news without the price action is more like gambling because the price can give us lots of information on the news before it even gets released.

The easiest way to interpret the price action is through support and resistance and our team at Trading Strategy Guides is proud to show you how to correctly trade support and resistance here: Support and Resistance Zones — Road to Successful Trading. Our most Successful News Trading Software.

Step 4 Taking a Live Trade based on the News Trading Strategy There is an unspoken truth about trading which is that when the majority of the market participants are positioned on one side of the market usually the market goes in the opposite direction. In our case, we can note how the majority of traders were positioned long going into the NFP release and they must be wrong.

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  • It can even cause a major shift in the trend.

Only trade when you can establish a firm bias and when you have strong evidence to support your trading idea. When trading the forex news you need to pay attention first to which currency to trade, secondly is the direction up or downthirdly you need reasons and evidence to support your bias.

Forex Strategies Forex News Trading Strategy High impact Forex news trading strategy also called news volatility straddle was developed specifically to trade important Forex news with as little risk as possible. It can be used only for influential Forex news releases such as US GDP, non-farm payrolls, or interest rate decisions. Although all currency pairs react to such news, the USD-based currency pairs show the best result due to low spread and high liquidity.

You also need by strategy news trading know what the market expectation for that Forex news event is. Every economic calendar comes with forecasted figures for all Forex news events so this is easily accessible to you.

Last but not least, you need to assert the market sentiment by studying price action and using technical analysis tools.

Open a demo account 4. Day trading strategy Day trading or intra-day trading is suitable for traders that would like to actively trade in the daytime, generally as a full time profession. Day traders take advantage of price fluctuations in-between the market open and close hours.

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