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While the money did come in fast in November, it was on the back of over 3 years hard work and gradual growth on that blog. How did I do it?

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Like all good bloggers — let me try to condense the important stages into a list: 1. Build a Foundation of Helpful Content — ultimately this is where you start and end.

A blog needs have something on it worth reading. In the beginning I wrote most of it myself but in time began to hire a few regular contributors and incorporated reader generated tips.

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Go to 000 Your Potential Readers Are — many bloggers write great content and expect that readers will come to them. For me it was photo sharing sites like Flickr and other photography forums and blogs.

Be Useful — every successful blog is useful in some way.

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Successful blogs meet needs and solve problems of some kind. This might mean that they entertain, that they make people think, that they give information, that they give people a place to express their opinions….

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Build Community — once people start to come to your site you have an opportunity to turn a first time visitor into a loyal one. Your useful content will help with this objective — but there are a lot of other ways to draw people in and feel a sense of belonging. For me this meant starting a forum, giving readers 000 to share their photos, running polls and more.

This started after a family member asked how they could find out about new articles on my site. I explained that they could subscribe to my RSS feed — their blank face made me realise the vast majority of people have no idea what RSS is or how to use it. To this daypeople have done this.

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Monetize — There are many ways to make money from a blog. I also sell ads directly to advertisers and use Affiliate marketing where I earn a small commission when someone buys a book or camera that I recommend on a site like Amazon.

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Build a Useful Product of Your Own — I still make money from the above methods but in November launched the first product of my own creation — a portrait photography e-book. The product is a PDF e-book — 78 pages full of portrait tips.

Since then it has continued to sell copies a day — providing a steady and much appreciated income stream.

To do this, many or all of the products featured here may be from our partners whom we receive compensation from.

By no means is this an overnight rags to riches story and by no means did it happen quickly or easily.