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Risk Factors. Risk Factors You should carefully consider the risks described okuda profit from binary options before making an investment decision.

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If any of the risks described below actually occurs, our business, financial condition, results of operations or cash flows could be adversely affected. In that event, the trading prices of our shares could decline, and you may lose all or part of your investment.

In addition to the risks listed below, risks not currently known to us or that we now deem immaterial may also harm us and affect your investment.

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Our business may be materially affected by financial markets, economic conditions and market fluctuations in Japan and elsewhere around the world Our business and revenues may be affected by any adverse changes in the Japanese and global economic environments and financial markets. In addition, not only purely economic factors but also future wars, acts of terrorism, economic or political sanctions, pandemics, forecasts of geopolitical risks and geopolitical events which have actually occurred, natural disasters or other similar events could have an effect on the financial markets and economies of each country.

If any adverse events including those discussed above were to occur, a market or economic downturn may last for a long period of time, which could adversely affect our business and can result in us incurring substantial losses.

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Furthermore, unfavorable demographic trends, such as the long-term trends of population aging and population decline faced by Japan, are expected to continue to put downward pressure on demand in the businesses in which we operate, including, in particular, our retail business. Even in the absence of a prolonged market or economic downturn, changes in market volatility and other changes in the environment may adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

The following are certain risks related to the financial markets and economic conditions for our specific businesses.

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Governmental fiscal and monetary policy changes in Japan, or in any other country or region where we conduct business may affect our business, financial condition and results of operations We engage in our business globally through domestic and international offices. Governmental fiscal, monetary and other policy changes in Japan, or in any other country or region where we okuda profit from binary options business may affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

For example, since our London office is a regional hub for EMEA, once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, our business may be affected and a potential review of our business structure may result in additional costs.

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In addition, in recent years, the Bank of Japan and central banks in many major economies other than the United States, which has terminated quantitative easing and has been raising interest rates, have been pursuing an expansionary monetary policy, including in some cases the introduction of negative interest rates.

Accordingly, any changes of the monetary policy in one or more countries, which could potentially be followed by volatility of interest rates or yields may negatively affect our ability to provide asset management products to our clients as well as our trading and investment activities. Our brokerage and asset management revenues may decline A market downturn could result in a decline in the revenues generated by our brokerage business because of a decline in the volume and value of securities that we broker for our clients.

Table of Contents Our investment banking revenues may decline Changes in financial or economic conditions would likely affect the number and size of transactions for which we provide securities underwriting, financial advisory and other investment banking services. Our investment banking revenues, which include fees from these services, are directly related to the number and size of the transactions in which earnings on local bitcoin participate and would therefore decrease if there are financial and market changes unfavorable to our investment banking business and our clients.

Our electronic trading business revenues may decline Electronic trading is essential for our business in order to execute trades faster with fewer resources.

Notes 1. We do not follow Barth et al. Nonfinancial institutions have different characteristics to non-financial institutions i. Hence, the design of Barth et al.

Utilizing these systems allows us to provide an efficient execution platform and okuda profit from binary options content and tools to our clients via exchanges or other automated trading facilities.

Revenue from our electronic trading, which includes trading commissions and bid-offer.