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Delivery: On-Campus Marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in business.

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Businesses of various sizes employ marketing specialists to handle advertising and public relations. Advertising, public relations, sales, marketing research, retailing, and product development are all areas of marketing.

Marketing managers work with business executives, sales media option, art directors, and financial managers to promote interest in a business and its products.

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These skills would be especially useful to students who are interested in working at advertising agencies as well as those interested in handling all of the marketing responsibilities at smaller firms. Upper-level courses focus on developing expertise in media option marketing field. Elective options include Free Enterprise Studies and Media option, art, information systems, mass communication, marketing, and mass media courses.

Students are encouraged to obtain internships related to their career plans.

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Marketing Careers The Rankin College of Business has a strong record of job placement for graduates in all fields. The media track gives marketing majors the option of developing foundational skills in graphic design and website development.

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The center offers seminars and other resources that are free to students and houses the Entrepreneurship Center. All upper-level professors are required to hold doctorates from AACSB certified universities or to have significant professional experience in the areas in which they teach. Instructors have work experience in retail, sales, advertising and promotion.

Learning Goals Graduates from the College of Business can communicate effectively. Our graduates are prepared to be socially responsible citizens.

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Our graduates can think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions. Our graduates can use technology effectively in their fields. Our graduates have content knowledge in their chosen fields and the necessary skills to be successful.

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