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Email When you need to access a file or folder on your Mac, it's the Finder that will get you there. In List view, each object in a folder is displayed with its name and an assortment of additional data arranged in a row and column view, much like what you would see in a spreadsheet. This arrangement lets you quickly view all kinds of pertinent information about view option object. For instance, you can tell at a glance the date a file was last modified, how large the file is, and what kind of file it is. You can view up to nine different file properties, in addition to a file or folder's name.

Alternatively ctrl-click right-click anywhere inside the details view and choose 'Style' from the contextual view option to see a full list of the templates.

If you'd like to write your own view option or modify one of the existing ones, take a look at the section about customizing Details templates for more information.

Choose 'Details' from the drop down menu and check the relevant boxes in the table. You can also change the order of the fields by dragging the titles up and down.

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Information that appears in italics is clickable and will filter the current collection by that value. To see the whole collection again, click on the 'Display All' link at the bottom of the details view.

If you are in a collection that is not your Library but would like to filter your Library collection by a particular value, hold down the Option key and then click on the value in the details view.

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For example, to make the Genre field a non-filtered field, change the key for it from view view option [key:genre] to this [key:genreRaw]. For more information on how to customize details view new trading system for binary options, check out this section.

Browsing websites with the details view Ctrl-click right-click anywhere inside the details view and choose 'Go to site' from the contextual menu.

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Type in the URL you are looking for and hit Enter. The website will appear straight inside the details view.

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To exit the browser, click the 'Done' button at the top of the details view. The advantage of using the details view over a regular view option is that in the details view you can use the program's contextual menu via ctrl-click or right-click which allows you to easily add entries to the database or change summaries, images and links to the selected entry. Check your database statistics The statistics feature lists some fun and insightful stats about your database, such as which genre you have the most or the least entries of, which entry is the most popular to be borrowed or how many 5 star entries you have.

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Please note that the 'Actors' statistics are based on the field 'Starring'. You can access view option statistics by clicking on the 'Statistics' button in the toolbar or choosing 'Statistics' from the View menu.

On-Screen View Options

To exit statistics, click the 'OK' button in the upper right-hand corner of the info view or press the Statistics button in the toolbar once more. Linked movies and files If you have a file movie, image, text file, etc.

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Customizing details templates The details view is based on HTML templates which means you can write your own templates or customize any of the existing ones. To make sure your customized template doesn't get overwritten you need to save it in the DVDpedia data folder.

In the selection interfacethe View Options menu is available through the View Options icon in the vertical menu. Click on the Foldit icon in view option lower left-hand corner to display the vertical menu. The View Options menu is also available through the "v" keyboard shortcut. In the original interface, General Options is a selection on under Menu. In the Selection Interface, click on the Main icon or use the "p" keyboard shortcut to display the main menu.

For any images the template uses, create a folder inside 'InfoTemplates' named 'Images'. If you're customizing one of the existing templates that uses javascript, make sure you copy the "includes" folder into InfoTemplates as well.

Name the template something other than its original name since the program otherwise won't recognize that view option is a new template but will keep using the original one from inside the application. For more information about tags used in our templates take a look at the customizing templates section.

Using the Finder's List View Option

When creating view option for the details view, remember that view option similar to the HTML export templates there are a few differences, mainly the [global:previousPageURL] and [global:nextPageURL] tags are no longer hrefs.

You can however add CSS to them to change the look, even give them a graphic background. There view option four types of installation file extensions. The first one is.

View Design Options

This is useful for images or very generic templates. The other extensions are specific to each program and are as follows:.

During screen sharing, the shared screen is in the large display and the thumbnail shows the person who is sharing. This view includes an Advanced option, where you can choose the size and location of the thumbnail, or choose view option display the active speaker or shared screen without a thumbnail. Thumbnail view Thumbnail combines the Speaker view with a scaled down version of the Gallery view. A small strip of thumbnails, showing up to 8 participants, displays beneath a relatively larger view of the active speaker. The thumbnails show the participants who were most recently the active speakers.

If you are creating an installer for just one of the Pedias, it is best to use the specific ending. This allows the user to simply double-click the file instead view option having to drop it on the program or use the open command. It also provides an extra layer of protection since it will only be installed in the intended program. The installed components depend on what is inside the Package Contents, the same folder the messages folder is located in.

The different view options

The easiest way to create an installer is to take an existing installer for the type of installation you want and modify its contents. Full screen mode The full view option mode lets you cycle through your entries by cover, either by using the view option keys on your view option, the Apple remote or your mouse clicking left and right on the screen to cycle through the cover images.

Access it by choosing 'Full Screen Mode' from the View menu or the button in the toolbar. The search field in the upper left-hand corner of the screen lets you search for specific entries or narrow down the selection. You can enter the search field with the keyboard shortcut Option-S or by clicking on it.

If you are using your Apple remote, hold 'Menu' to turn full screen mode on and off when DVDpedia is the active application. Click on menu will still launch Frontrow.

Zoom View Options Tutorial: Screen sharing, Side by side, Gallery, and Speaker View

The 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons will go back and forward one entry while the 'Plus' and 'Minus' buttons will move 4 covers forward or back for faster browsing. To exit full screen mode, either use the Esc key escapeCommand.

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To access the menu at the bottom of full screen mode, press 'Return' or move your mouse over it. The menu options are the following: the horizontal lines will bring up a details window for the selected entry. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Option-P to play the movie or click on the little triangle binary option no down payment the bottom right corner that pops up automatically when it detects a movie link.

For more view option on how to link a movie to an view option, take a look at the Links page.

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With Remote Buddy you have to map 'Play' to 'Enter' and the left and right options to the arrows on the remote. Then you can access the menu via Enter and move through the different options with the left and right keys.