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You may not have known what you were looking at, but you've seen it because it's been a staple of 4x4 life in Eastern Europe and Asia for almost 50 years and remains in wide military and civilian use to this day. The is instantly recognizable by its "surprised" look, owing to a hood line that hangs over its round headlights, giving the impression of eyebrows.

Having entered production inits design did not receive any major updates until just a few years ago, when the UAZ plant took some steps to update the long-running to make it more comfortable for private buyers.

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The model was renamed the UAZ Hunter to appeal to its target audience, while the core engineering behind it still dated back to But once upon a time in the late s, it almost received a facelift with a grille design very much like that of the first-generation Ford Bronco.

How did this almost happen?

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The UAZ B, as it ended up reaching production in The model would remain unchanged for decades. In that sense the role of the UAZ was largely analogous to that of the Willys Jeep, but the vehicle it would be replacing was the GAZ 69, which had entered service years earlier and was getting a little stale by the mid s. The that replaced it entered production after a long development period that lasted for most of the s, and was powered by a 2.

The announcement was made during an intergovernmental meeting between Russia and Mexico in late October. Earlier this year, UAZ sent a trial shipment of 39 finished vehicles to Mexico and in the coming months it will export another units of the Patriot, although these deliveries are not yet commercial. UAZ also said it was financially viable to export finished vehicles to Chile and has signed a distribution agreement with a local distributor.

But even as utilitarian as the ended up being, it still called for updates by the late s amid plans to create plusher civilian versions. UAZ designers got a look at the first-generation Bronco and its western competitors in the press and in the official brochures that the factory obtained back in the s. In fact, the facelift design work for the UAZ was taking place just as the first-generation Ford Bronco was about to be replaced by a full-size model.

And one of the modernized UAZ prototypes, seen below, received a front fascia design that took inspiration from the first-generation Ford Bronco.

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This meant that, like the Bronco, it featured short horizontal slats in the grille, two round headlights and a contrasting white color for the front fascia. This fit the visage of the UAZ quite well, and it's still evident that this would have been a good look for civilian versions of how to make money with UAZ 4x4.

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One of the candidates for a modernized UAZ of the late s featured a grille that looked similar to that of the original Ford Bronco. UAZ But it wasn't the only potential facelift.

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Yet another version of the modernizedseen below, could have featured a more angular clamshell hood design with small vertical slats in its grille. The UAZ factory was attempting to do more than simply update the rugged —the modernized UAZ model would be used by civilian owners as well, who preferred a plusher ride and a few more comforts.

How to make money with UAZ the case of the UAZthese civilian owners would be forest rangers, geologists and collective farm directors who needed a personal 4x4 vehicle.

UAZ Has Some Really Cool Off-Roaders:

A more radical restyling of the could have featured a more angular hood. UAZ Yet another modernized version of theseen below, experimented with a hardtop roof and another revised grille design, this time somewhat reminiscent of Jeep models.

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Ultimately, none of these entered production because UAZ never received the funds for modernizing the Related Story The Bukhanka just turned 60 It wasn't until the s that UAZ took on a series of efforts to produce a more or less modern SUV with significantly different styling, choosing to leave the engineering of the behind.

These efforts ultimately met little success, and UAZ continued churning out older models. Even so, the original UAZ ended up being quite a hit with civilian buyers, rivaled only by its forward-control minivan version nicknamed 'Bukhanka,' seen in Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's Long Way Round TV series back in the s, as the motorcyclists traveled through the forests of the Russian far east.

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