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Display Driver Uninstaller. Click on the Control Panel menu item when it appears.

Display Driver Uninstaller Guide : ORIGIN PC Support

Although DDU is under active development and stable versions are mostly safe for your computer, it never hurts to have a System Restore point ready just in case. That way, you can always do a system rollback if something goes awry with the uninstallation process.

Display Driver Uninstaller is a freeware third-party application designed to remove ddu option graphics card drivers. Sometimes you might experience issues with your graphics card, and in order to fix those issues, you might have to reinstall the graphics card drivers. You can always remove the graphics card driver from Device Manager or by using its dedicated uninstallerbut Display Driver Uninstaller allows you to thoroughly remove the driver from your PC. Certain drivers can leave installation packages or registry entries once you uninstall them, but Display Driver Uninstaller will remove all files associated with your graphics card including the installation packages and registry entries.

If this is what you want to do, be sure to download ddu option new driver beforehand. This way, you can install the new software and start a clean install as soon as Windows boots back up. Disconnect Your Internet Although not required, we recommend ddu option your internet connection before running DDU. In modern operating systems like Windows 10, the system may automatically download new GPU drivers in the background.

This can disrupt the uninstallation process of your display driver.

How to uninstall Nvidia and AMD graphics using Display Driver Uninstaller

This can cause your system to prevent DDU from being run at all, and in some cases, the antivirus may delete or quarantine the DDU executable. You can get around this by adding special exclusion rules for the DDU folder in your antivirus. A quick Google search should help you figure out how to set up exclusions for your antivirus software.

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Safe Mode is a barebones version of Windows that only loads the bare minimum services necessary to boot into the operating system. Running DDU in Safe Mode ddu option no other services or applications can interfere with the uninstallation process.

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Click Options to tweak how DDU works. Exit out of DDU and re-open it.

Display Driver Uninstaller is a free tool designed to help you to completely uninstall AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers without leaving behind any registry keys, files, folders, or driver store when the ddu option driver uninstall fails, or you need to completely delete the graphics card driver from your device. Open the guru3d website. Click the Extract button. Extract Display Driver Uninstaller files on Windows 10 Save your work and close any running applications.

A dialog should appear prompting a reboot into Safe Mode. Then, click the Reboot to Safe Mode. This will restart your computer in Ddu option Mode. If you want to continue operating in Normal mode, select Normal.

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This menu is mostly for power users; for most cases, the default settings will be just fine. All three will clean your system of old drivers then restart, not restart, or shutdown your computer. Option 1: Clean and restart Highly recommended This option is ddu option if you want to uninstall your current GPU drivers entirely and restart your computer so you can update it to the up-to-date GPU drivers. As we recommended above, you should have your new driver files downloaded and ready for install before performing any of these cleaning methods.

With extraction finished, use the File Explorer to go to the folder where you extracted the contents of DDU. The image below will help you identify which file to launch the DDU program, which is the "Display Driver Uninstaller. The next box that will usually appear is the following.

This option is suitable if you want to see the log or ddu option about the uninstallation process. You should select this option if you have multiple GPUs installed on your system and want to replace or update both at the same time. After the uninstall ddu option complete, select make and model of your second graphics card.

Option 3: Clean and ddu option For installing new graphics card The third option will uninstall your current GPU drivers then shut down your computer. You should choose this option if you plan to completely replace your current graphics card with another.

What is Display Driver Uninstaller and how to use it on Windows 10?

You can then proceed to restart or shutdown your system manually. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. He's also an engineer that's interested in anything to do with tech.

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