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Establishes policies and procedures that regulate ordinary and extraordinary compensation of individuals subject to the compensation System consistent with reasonable risk taking.

Permanently revises payment policies and procedures and implements the necessary adjustments in terms of risks and that represent liquidity, solvency, stability and Institution reputation threats. Considers risks faced by Banco Monex, S.

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Establishes specific compensation schemes for each position profile of eligible employees or individuals subject to the Compensation System, in acknowledgment of inherent risks from their activities, considering quantitative and qualitative factors. Incorporates, based on analysis carried out by the integral risk administration unit, potential effects of risk implementation along with ordinary or extraordinary compensation payments to individuals subject to the compensation system and its corresponding effects over liquidity and profitability of Banco Monex, S.

Establishes forecasting mechanisms so Banco Monex, S.

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For such purposes, Banco Monex, S. In addition, among other responsibilities, the Committee is accountable for informing the Board of Directors regarding the Compensation System operations, revising the evaluation methodology and prosecute regarding variable compensation payment for each particular case.

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