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One of the most common complaints about Lineage II is its difficult economy.

Sell items They say that you have to steal your first million USD. We say, that you gotta earn it by selling Lineage 2 Adena! We accept any amount of Adena. How to sell Lineage 2 Adena?

I agree that it is out of whack in SOME respects but it is a player driven economy. I started to look a bit closer.

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The revelation that struck me was that there is very little need for a great portion of the player driven portion of the economy to begin with. How to learn to make money at home, are you insane?!?

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You cry out. Let me explain. I will approach this from the new player prospective.

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From levels 1? He trades the value of your gear and then charges the difference in price for newer gear up to top No Grade Gear.

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This works out very well in the favor of the player. Also in each starter area there are quest to do that provide Soul Shot.

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The amount provided is enough to get a player to about level 17 or so. Quick money adena eliminates a quick money adena expense up front.

The helper also provides free? There are also?

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Weapon Quests? I used my?

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Silversmith Hammer? Quote from the Lineage II official page quick money adena. Additional Quest Rewards Characters designated as new characters, if they perform certain quests, will receive additional quest rewards that are not given to the other characters.

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They receive Soul shots and Spirit shots twice: when they begin the game for the first time, and when they perform the weapon quest around level In addition, these new characters will receive more rewards in many quests.

Once at level 20 and after doing your first class transfer quest, a player is eligible to start doing the? Seven Signs?

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This ongoing event allows you to hunt in dungeons where the mobs drop? These seals can be traded in at the end of the week for what? Ancient Adena?.

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What can you do with Ancient Adena? He will take your current weapon and trade it for a better weapon with a cost difference not in regular adena, but Ancient Adena!

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Basically its free weapon upgrades for as long as you can stand to hunt in the Catacombs. See event descriptions I would strongly recommend that anyone read up on the? Soul Shot can run you millions into the hole.

Now I am not going to tell you to hunt without it, especially solo. I feel your pain with the grind.

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So how can you help alleviate that expense? At level 20 a Dwarf gains the ability to craft D grade Soul Shot.

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At level 36 they gain C grade Soul Shot and so on. Can you use that sort of discount?

Re-Formatted by: Tamoh Date: 1 Make a dwarf - either a crafter for making shots, or a scavenger for spoiling mats. Both of those are relatively straightforward ways of making cash. Crafting: There is a good deal of money to be made in the crafting industry. While it is the higher-level dwarves that get the most money at a time crafting of high-grade armor and weapons can be an extremely lucrative businessthe lower level dwarves can also find significant business in the crafting of base materials i.