Indicator strategy for turbo options

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Since the trading system is based on the 5-minute chart, we can use this strategy to execute the call and put options in the 1 minute and 5-minute chart. Those who are thinking about analyzing the expiry period before the indicator strategy for turbo options should consider 4 candlesticks.

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This means the trades will be no longer valid after the formation of 4 candlesticks is your desired time chart. So be very cautious about the timing and trade execution process.

Using the FX Turbo Marksman Indicator

When the obvious trend is down, you will get a downward arrow in the price chart. At that moment the reading of the CCI must touch or exceed the 90 levels.

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If the conditions are filled take the put option. IN most cases the price drop is nearly 20 pips when such pattern occurs in the 5 minute time frame.

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Before you take the trade, you have to carefully analyze the payout percentage. The long trade should be taken, when the green color arrow is formed at the chart. At that time, the CCI reading must touch or push below the level.

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The price will rally for at least 20 pips when such conditioned 60 options filled in the 5 minute time frame. You have to be well prepared to deal with the losses.

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