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2. Fake antivirus software

Fake news scam The spread of fake news on the Internet is a danger to all of us because it has an impact on the way we filter all the information we found and read on social media.

Click To Tweet This type of scam could come in the form of a trustworthy website you know and often visit, but being a fake one created by scammers with the main purpose to rip you off. Source: Opportunitychecker. But for your online safety, be cautious about the sites you visit.

1. Phishing

There are thousands of websites out there that provide false information and might redirect you to malicious links, giving hackers access to your most valuable data. Source: Originalo. Loyalty points phishing scam Many websites have a loyalty program to reward their customers for making different purchases, by offering points or coupons. This is subject to another online scam because cybercriminals can target them and steal your sensitive data.

It is therefore critical for marketers to understand the threat being posed. This includes the ways in which fraudsters are attempting to steal your ad spend and how this can be prevented. In this article, we explain how fraudsters make money and how preventative tools should be used to protect your budgets, data and reputation. What is technical ad fraud? Technical ad fraud is the exploitation of advertising technology for profit.

Malicious hackers are everywhere, and it takes only one click for malware to be installed on your PC and for hackers to have access to your data. Source: G Data Make money phishing Blog Job offer scams Sadly, there are scammers everywhere — even when you are looking for a job — posing as recruiters or employers.

It starts with a phone call or a direct message on LinkedIn from someone claiming to be a recruiter from a well-known company who saw your CV and saying they are interested in hiring you. Source: Drexel. Needless to say the amount of data we store on our personal devices which make them vulnerable to cybercriminals, always prepared to steal our online identities or empty our bank accounts.

Smishing using SMS text messages is a similar technique to phishing, but, instead of sending emails, malicious hackers send text messages to their potential victims. How does this happen?

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Source: Malwarebytes Labs Overpayment Online Scam If you are considering selling different items on specialized online sites, we strongly recommend watching out for overpayment scam. The offer will often be quite generous and bigger make money phishing the agreed price. The overpay extra money is to cover the costs of shipping or certain custom fees.

One such story can unfold right now and can happen to each of you.

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This happened to one of our Heimdal Security team members. Also, we included a few security tips and actionable advice to prevent falling prey to overpayment online scam.

What is a scam?

Our colleague posted make money phishing sofa for sale on a Danish site called dba. After a few days, he received a message from a person claiming to make money phishing interested in the item and willing to pay more than the price offered, via PayPal account. After that, he also got another email saying that he needs to refund the extra amount of money, including the shipping and transportation charges to a certain shipping agent via MoneyGram transfer.

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Do not send the product to the buyer until the payment was completed and received in your bank account. Tech support scams are very common and widespread these days. Scammers use various social engineering techniques to trick potential victims into giving their sensitive information.

Why is fraud prevention so important?

Even worst, they try to convince potential victims to pay for unnecessary technical support services. A scenario like this can happen as we write this, and one of our Heimdal Security team members recently got a phone scam call. While we got amused by the conversation he had with the person pretending to work for an Indian tech support company, we realized it can happen to anyone which can become an easy target. What happened? The person, pretending to be the representative of a software company and experienced one, is informing our colleague that his computer got hacked by cybercriminals, and offers to guide him and solve this urgent problem.

Types of scam

With poor English skills, he gives details about the make money phishing number of the computer, and provide guidance to access the unique computer ID, trying to misrepresent a normal system as having serious issues.

After a few minutes, the call is transferred to another tech representative who informs our colleague that they detected unusual activity going through his computer. The make money phishing tech scammers could persuade the potential victim to give them remote access to the system. Make sure you ask for proof of their identity and do a quick research about the company they are calling you from; Always have an antivirus program installed on your computer, and for more protection, consider adding multiple layers of security with a proactive security solution like Thor Premium Make money phishingwhich will stop any type of online threats.

Have a security-first mindset and be suspicious about everything around you. Also, consider investing in education and learn as much make money phishing possible about cybersecurity.

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Conclusion Since some scams are so well organized and really convincing, and people behind them so difficult to catch, we need to always keep our guard up. Stay informed about the latest scamming strategies. Have you met some of the above scams while browsing or in your email inbox? What were the most convincing ones?

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