Making money giving advice

This website currently has a user base of more than 20 million people from all over the world. Besides, it has already made its name as one of the best platforms to cash in on your knowledge.

Live Advice Job Profile: Give expert advice Earning Potential: Fix your own hourly rate Availability: Worldwide If you are an expert in personal coaching, and you want to provide life guidance and financial advice, then Live Advice is surely the best option for you.

You can reach millions of customers from all over the globe looking for expert advice. You can sell your advice to them to make money.

Get Paid To Give Advice (Make Money Chatting)

All you need is a phone to start working for this company. And after creating a free account, you can fix your own hourly rate before you start working. The company will take care of your billing and customer details. Askables is one such website that offers the opportunity to just write the answer to any question and make money.

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There are four different levels of expertise, i. You can easily withdraw your earnings whenever you want through the linked PayPal account. Keen Earning Potential: Profit sharing Availability: Worldwide Keen has witnessed an excellent surge in their popularity during the last few years.

It has made its name as one of the highest-paying websites in the advising field. However, you need to give your advice through telephonic conversations with their clients. After creating an account in a few simple steps, you can set your making money giving advice per-minute rate for the telephonic advice.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or making money giving advice wire transfer.

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Live Person Earning Potential: Profit sharing Availability: Worldwide Live Person works as a connecting media between the experts in various fields and the people looking for various solutions. If you have any making money giving advice in a particular field, then you can make quite a good amount of money through this unique platform.

This site automatically matches the question with the expert on that specific subject. You first need to create a free account on this website. After getting the final approval, you can directly access various useful tools on the dashboard of the website. Anyone can join this site, irrespective of location, as the platform sends payments through PayPal. Bit Wine Job Profile: Give advice through video chat Earning Potential: Depends on your expertise Availability: Worldwide Bit Wine is undoubtedly one of the most reliable websites if you want to become an online advice giver and earn money.

However, this site specializes in psychic advice.

Get Paid to Give Advise and Answer-14 Cool Websites

Do you have any expertise in astrology, palmistry, parapsychology, Reiki, tarot card reading, or future telling? Then this website is the best option for you. From career to love life, you can answer almost any question that a user asks you. You can provide text messages or can also provide one-to-one counseling through video chats. This website also gives you the freedom to choose your own hourly rate. However, you need to have your own AdSense Publisher account that you can associate with your profile on this website.

And from that, the total ad revenue will go to your AdSense account directly. It is one of the best places to provide an excellent opportunity for any content creator or technical writer to put a forum signature. However, you do need to publish nothing but unique content to attract the maximum audience attention to your articles. And for that, Experts is now giving you a chance to make money by answering questions from their users.

Questions can be of anything, from products to different subjects. You need to write detailed answers, preferably between and words, for making money giving advice of these. You can directly withdraw your earnings once per month through PayPal.

20 Ways to Get Paid to Give Advice (That People Want to Hear)

Help Owl Job Profile: Answer community questions Earning Potential: Depends on your expertise Availability: Worldwide Starting from extensively technical to just awkwardly silly, Help Owl receives various questions from a vast user base.

And for that, they always look for experts who can give advice and answer those questions. All you need is to search for inquiries related to your genre and then respond to those accordingly.

This website will not offer direct cash rewards; instead, it will give you some points for each of your answers. You can redeem these points for cash rewards. You can also use those reward points to buy items from their online store.

Get Paid to Give Advice: Top Websites That Can Get You Started!

This community-based expert system works towards the goal of solving various questions from its users. It also has an AI-enabled chat service that solves problems automatically by analyzing previous answers. You can directly withdraw your earnings through your linked PayPal account. MyLot Earning Potential: Depends on your expertise Availability: Worldwide MyLot has made its name among the forum members for having one of the biggest discussion boards.

It is not just a question-answer hub; it is also a blogging community and an online hangout place for the nerds. But the best thing about this platform is that it pays for answers. You can directly interact with fellow members and answer the questions that they put on the general discussion boards. The amount you make will depend on making money giving advice difficulty level of the query. And among them, working for KGB is one of the best.

It is one of the largest independent assistant providers in the world. Starting from information service to the customer care industry, making money giving advice can choose almost any genre you want while working on this platform.

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KGB was founded way back in And since then, it has maintained its trustworthiness among its users. Right now, they are the leading directory assistance service operating in the United States. This company mainly focuses on customer service, although they are also making their way in the knowledge process field. You can easily join this website by sending your updated resume. You need to have strong communication skills to join this platform.

Apple is one such company that currently hires people with excellent communication skills to join their freelance team. However, you do need to have in-depth knowledge about Apple products to start working. You need to solve the queries of Apple customers through direct telephonic conversation or through Skype.

Currently, this opportunity is available only in the United States. This company mainly focuses on technical advice. Registration to this platform is super easy and completely free.

14 Sites That Pay You To Chat and Answer Questions Online

You can directly access several tools to make your work easy right from the dashboard. This company currently pays its freelance members through PayPal or direct wire transfer.

And now, they are hiring freelance members to join their team of customer care representatives. They provide extensive training to all their independent contractors before they actually start solving the queries of their customers.

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You can take this opportunity as a part-time opportunity and can work according to your own time preference. The final hourly rate will depend on your expertise and communication skills.