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After the economy slipped into recession init took only three years for incomes in the middle to rebound and surpass their previous peak. After the downturn ofit took five; after back-to-back recessions in andit took seven. And, except for the long expansion that ran from throughit has been getting worse. The expansion underway today may not get there, either.

Today, median household incomes are still 2.

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At the bottom of the ladder, households at the 10th percentile — those poorer than 90 percent of the population — are still a bit poorer than they were in Americans have managed to develop an internet economy, invent social media and build driverless cars since then, but not to improve the lot of those at the bottom.

After adjusting the data for these changesaccording to Elise Gould of the Economic Policy Institute, the income of American households in the middle of the distribution last year was still 4.

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Using that count, poverty dipped to Analysts like Scott Winship of the right-leaning Manhattan Institute have argued for some time that long-term income numbers, like those published by the Congressional Budget Officesuggest that Americans in the middle of the income distribution and below have not done badly over recent decades.

He concludes that the best strategy to promote the welfare of working Americans is to focus on improving overall economic growth.

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The fixation with inequality and income distribution, he says, will produce bad policy. The current census data does suggest that growth can ultimately bring prosperity to average Americans.

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Still, it also points to the persistence of wide inequality as being at the center of the story. Across the entire bottom 60 percent of the distribution, households are taking home a smaller slice of the pie than they did in the s and s. The 3.

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With their share shrinking with almost every economic real earnings on the Internet are not difficult, it is hardly a surprise that it takes longer for them to experience any income gains at all. Growth, alone, is not adding to their prosperity as it once did.

America’s Inequality Problem: Real Income Gains Are Brief and Hard to Find

That is 4. Historical precedent suggests the latest economic expansion is getting long in the tooth.

In July, Deutsche Bank said the probability of a recession within the next 12 months had jumped to 60 percent, the highest since August JPMorgan thinks the odds are 37 percent. For all but Americans at the very top, that means that the punch bowl may well be taken away again before the party really gets going. That is not how a well-functioning economy should work.

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