What to do what to make fast

More info on the best WordPress hosting options 2. When you understand HTTP requests, you can better eliminate them. Click To Tweet According to rve.

However, to see how many HTTP requests a page on your site makes, you can run a speed test on Pingdom. You can see that the learntocodewith.

With Pingdom, you can sort the requests by file size and load time. This allows you to see the biggest culprits.

20 Ways to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion in 2020

The image below was taken on my learntocodewith. Make images internet-friendly Site size generally, and image sizes specifically, make a huge difference to your site speed. Some basic ways to counteract this is by shrinking the file sizes of images on your site, reducing the number of images you use, or eliminating them altogether. This is why I removed featured images on my blog reel last year when I redid the site.

But having no images on your site is boring!

24 Ways to Run Faster — Stat

There are even in-browser tools like picresize. Smush scans images as you upload them to WordPress, and prevents unnecessary data from hanging on. It what to do what to make fast the file size while maintaining the quality of the image.

Use plugins sparingly WP sites only Plugin bloat can significantly slow what to do what to make fast site performance by creating too many extra files, thus increasing load time. Try to avoid the use of plugins whenever possible.

what to do what to make fast

But there are ways you can reduce the overall count. For starters, if there is an easy way to get around using a plugin — do it. Example: the Google Analytics plugin. Instead, just add the tracking code to your website footer manually.

Also, every months, set aside time to review your plugins. Just another reason to keep plugin count low. Front end skills checklist Download a free checklist that will walk you through all the skills you need to become a front-end developer.

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what to do what to make fast

These external scripts make HTTP requests every time a new page loads. Google Analytics or Mixpanel External fonts i. Just be aware of this. To figure out which scripts are especially large, you can turn back to Pingdom to see which files are taking the longest to load.

However, gzipping is done at the server level: you must configure it to do it. Chris Coyier talks about it here. It offers a suite of performance tools — including the ability to minify files.

9 Ways to Make Your Website Super Fast

Take advantage of caching Page caching is when web pages store static files like HTML documents and imageswhich allow visitors to access that page more quickly, since the database does not have to retrieve each file every time there is a request.

The thing with caching, though, is that in most cases it only works for repeat visitors. Here are some popular caching plugins: W3 Total Cache : most popular performance plugin the one I use on learntocodewith. Digital Ocean has a handful of helpful caching tutorials. For WP users: use a plugin like WP-Optimize which allows you to clean up your database more efficiently Front end skills not easy money Download a free checklist that will walk you through all the skills you need to become a front-end developer.

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what to do what to make fast

A CDN is essentially many optimized servers around the world that deliver web content to users based on their geographic location. This means big performance improvements for site users.

what to do what to make fast

Because, say, if a person accessing your site in India, they will be retrieving web content from a server nearby, rather than across the world in Utah.