How to earn p faster. How to level up fast in Fortnite, earn XP and get those rewards

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I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. But I do love learning languages and tend to binge Duolingo when I am in a language learning craze.

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And those crazes have taught me quite a few things about how to earn XP as fast as possible so that I can cram in as many new vocabulary words and grammar drills as possible. Here they are!

The Fastest Ways to get XP on Duolingo:

Did you know that with XP you go up in levels in Duolingo? The highest level you can get is 25!

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I tend to binge Duolingo instead of being consistent lol Also, for those of you who are faster at typing on your computer, this means you can complete lessons WAY quicker than if you had to type on your phone!

For me, this is a bonus as well since it helps me to practice spelling and make sure that I really know the grammar.

#2: Ride a TT Bike

This is also how to hack Duolingo and get around paying for Duolingo Plus which I think is a waste of money! Complete Stories If they are available in your language For now, Duolingo stories are available for English speakers learning Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese and they just added Italian!!

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But these are an awesome way to seriously rack up XP quickly and without much effort. All you need to do is listen to a story and it asks you to match the words to what was said. The more you get right, the more XP you get.

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The first set of stories is about 14 XP per story, but as you graduate into the more difficult sets of stories, the amount of XP you can get goes up! I earn about 28 XP per story now on my French Duolingo and it often only takes a minute or two to complete it!

My Duolingo Username is Dayna if you wanna follow me!

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If there is a purple lightning bolt, click on that! I think they do this to encourage people to get competitive in the leagues and help you to jump up in the ranks quickly.

Have a friend who loves learning languages? Or maybe how to earn p faster to make sure you get what you want? Not only will this get you a ton of XP quickly, you will also be able to see just how much you have learned! Remember when those first lessons used to be hard?! Choose Automated Answers Instead of Typing When Possible on the mobile app Sometimes Duolingo only how to earn p faster you the option to type, but if you would rather have the word bubbles that you just have to put in order, pay attention to the bottom left corner when completing the lesson.

So just turn them off!

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These lessons are usually very easy and plus you get the satisfaction of making the circle gold again! Do lessons in a language that you know better Speak more than just the language that you are learning? Head to that language to earn some XP fast before going back to your new language.

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So sometimes when I am low on health or just want to get as many XP as possible, I head to Spanish and complete lessons and stories there that are super easy for me!

This might not be easier in some cases, but give it a try! I talk more about how to do that in this post.

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When you click on this, it gives you the option to test out of the how to earn p faster on the level that you are on, which means that with just one lesson, you can win 50XP or more. Also, these lessons are obviously going to be slightly longer and more difficult since you are skipping a whole level and earning a lot of XP at once.

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Of course, this is going to be VERY hard unless you are already fluent in that language. Well, I wish you luck on your quest to get as many XP as possible! Feel free to follow me on Duolingo at Dayna or leave a comment with other ways that you have found to earn XP fast!

Of course, this is not meant at all to be a way at cheating Duolingo but just a few more ways to motivate yourself to learn a language even premium indicator for binary options it means you have to turn it into a game at times!