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After all, remote work offers benefits to employees and employers alike. VMware is the latest company to offer its employees the chance to work from home, even after the pandemic subsides and employees nationwide begin heading back into the office.

According to Bloombergwhich quoted anonymous sources within VMware, an remote additional earnings moving from Palo Alto, California where VMware is headquartered to Denver would need to take an 18 percent salary cut; moving to Los Angeles or San Diego would translate into an eight percent cut.

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VMware senior vice president of human resources Rich Lang defended the practice by saying that employees who move to more expensive cities could get a raise to compensate for pricier rents and mortgages. When it comes to the U. Will employees who previously made a certain salary in Silicon Valley see any kind of adjustment as fair?

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ServiceNow, which makes cloud -based enterprise software, is also considering whether to adjust the salaries of employees who move from Silicon Valley. Combine that with the cost of living on the rise in many cities, and things get really complicated. The circumstances changed, so we need to force things to change as well.

Should Governments Tax Remote Workers for the 'Privilege' of Working from Home?

Ask the company tough questions. Is my value to the company less if I live in Remote additional earnings Carolina or Colorado?

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So a net 6. Sign me up.

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