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Annotations 1. General: General options of LLview The general subfolder contains options elements for the data access, the general layout of the option in JSC window, the update time and the auto play mode.

All configuration parameters for the web server are to set in the subfolder WWW of the option panel. If LLview is executed on the supercomputer itself, the server part llqxml of LLview can be executed directly.

Folders may contain one document or as many as The Archive database is the hard copy History Office archival guide pages.

The path to the llqxml command has to be set in the subfolder llqxml. It is also possible to execute llqxml via Secure Shell ssh.

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The third option LocalData can be used to read recorded data from flat files or tar-files see documentation of the LocalData subfolder. Switching on the verbose flag gives a lot of debug messages on stdout.

It's only useful for debugging LLview.

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With the demo version checkbox you can activate that usernames are anonymised. This could be used to show LLview's output to a public audience option in JSC revealing internal user data.

The effects of these options depend on the used windows system. Canvas color defines the background of the main window. The entry Mark Color defines color for marking the corresponding job in the job list.

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Mark width defines the line width for the border of marked processor boxes. LLview updates automatically the display by requesting new data from the data source. The options Update Truster options in JSC Update time can be used to enable this feature and to set the time delay between two updates.

The options Autoplay and Autoplay step are only needed if LLview is used for display panels. Enabling Autoplay lets LLview mark automatically different jobs in the monitoring display.

Elements: Switching Elements of LLview on and off This panel can be used for switching different display elements on or off. Changes are applied after restarting LLview.


Disabling a component causes corresponding option tabs to be removed after restart. In the same manner the option tab for a recently activated graphical component is not presented until restart.

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LocalData: Reading recorded Data from Files This panel can be used for reading recorded data from files. There are two different modes: The first one is to read from flat files in a specified directory. The second is to read from one tar file, which contains compressed XML files with the data.

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LLview will step to the next configured file on every update. As a result, this allows to replay the data recorded in the past simulating a live monitoring option in JSC of the target system. Reading data from tar-files is more efficient because the XML files in the tar file are compressed. The files have to follow a naming scheme and have to be numbered according to option Filename Mask.

Data can be recorded directly by LLview when LLview executes llqxml on the supercomputer see Option in JSC subfolder llqxml. Option Panel Subfolder "LocalData": Reading recorded Data from Files Option in JSC first three options define the range of available numbers of files in the directory or the tar file.


The step width allows to step faster through the recorded data. The actual number counter will be reset to the starting number after requesting a file with a number bigger than max number.

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Path to directory defines the directory, from which plain XML files are read. The Select button provides a file dialog for this.

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File tar defines the tar file containing compressed XML status data. It is only used, if the data source option selects to read from a tar file. The Filename Mask is used for both directory reading or tar file reading.

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It defines a mask option in JSC printf format for the filenames. For a tar file the contained files are expected to be zipped files each. If the tar file contains the files The ending.

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The last user changeable option is the entry actual number. This number is used in combination with the Filename Mask. It selects the inner file of the directory or within the tar file. The number can be changed in the number field or with the scrollbar. Changing the scrollbar has only an effect after clicking the select button. If the data file is protected with a.

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These credentials are provided with the client's configuration file. These options are only relevant if the data access method "www" is selected in the subfolder "General". The second entry gives the path to and the name of the XML-file on this web server.

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If LLview runs on the monitored machine itself, LLview can execute this command locally. Otherwise, it is possible to use the Secure Shell to execute the llqxml command on a remote machine.

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LLview allows to store the XML data in flat files or tar files as history to be reviewed again. Storing the data in flat files requires a lot of disk space. It is better to store the data in a tar file because LLview will compress the files. Such recorded data can be accessed with the third data access method "Local data".

These options are only relevant if the data access method "llqxml" is selected in the subfolder "general". Option Panel Subfolder "llqxml": Access Data from llqxml The first entry specifies the complete path and the filename of the server command llqxml.

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The next three option define the parameters which will be needed for executing llqxml via SSH.