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Your travel time begins when you first tap your Compass Earn quickly and effortlessly, Compass Ticket, or contactless payment to enter a fare-paid zone.

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If you travel using a Compass Card or Tap to Pay, your card will automatically deduct the appropriate amount for your trip. For Compass Tickets, purchase a ticket for the correct number of zones, or upgrade your ticket at make money on the internet trans link Compass Vending Machine if your travel needs change.

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To transfer between buses on a cash fare, show the operator your cash fare transfer. All buses are a 1-Zone fare. For all other fare zones, visit the Pricing and Fare Zones page.

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AddFares Upgrades Stored Value If you're travelling with Stored Value on a Compass Card, you never have to worry about upgrading your fare—Compass will calculate the appropriate fare when you tap out. Just make sure you have enough Stored Value on your card in advance to complete your trip, otherwise your card will go into negative balance and you'll need to top it up before entering the system again.

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Monthly Pass If traveling on a one- or two-zone Monthly Pass, we recommend adding Stored Value to your card before your trip, so you can transfer seamlessly into extra zones. When Monthly Pass holders travel into extra zones, the system automatically debits the AddFare amount from your Stored Value balance.

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AddFares to a Monthly Pass are charged at the cash rate see table belowand can't be done at a Compass Vending Machine. Compass Ticket If you've purchased a one- or two-zone Compass Ticket and need to travel into extra zones, you must upgrade your ticket with an add fare at a Compass Vending Machine CVM before you cross the boundary into another zone.

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AddFare Prices.