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Jump to navigation Jump to search Type of professional sports contract A two-way contract is a professional sports contract which stipulates that an athlete's salary is dependent upon the league in which the athlete is assigned to play.

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This is opposed to a one-way contract that would pay the same salary regardless of where the athlete is assigned to play. Unlike in the NHL, these contracts are not offered to every aspiring NBA player, but only to undrafted players whom a team would like to keep "on retainer" without having to two- way option to a full-time contract.

Each NBA team can have up to two two-way contract players per season, and are typically considered to two- way option "16th and 17th men" on a roster.

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The two-way contract system benefits young undrafted players who do not want to play professional basketball overseas, as well as those who believe an organizational investment in them is beneficial to their development.

Some player agents are concerned about this system, because in exchange for guaranteed employment at a higher salary than a typical G League player, two-way players give up the freedom to be called up from the G League by any NBA team, possibly two- way option with intent to sign the player to a day contract, which could eventually lead to a full-time NBA two- way option spot sooner than with a two-way contract.

This contract pays the player different salaries based on whether they are in Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball.

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