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WHEN a premier Wall Street investment bank brings a new offering public to a frothy market, elbows start flying as investors scramble to scoop up shares. Quick earnings Kolpino all, a top firm's reputation alone can help push up an offering's stock price, giving a quick and tidy profit to the lucky few who snagged shares.

Their inimitable unique beauty is the special pride of Saint-Petersburg.

But not always. Investors in the initial public offering in June of the Robert Mondavi Corporation, the California premium winemaker, sure aren't popping any champagne corks these days. Mondavi's 3. But since then, the share price has been in virtual free fall, losing 40 percent of its value in less than two months.

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What made Robert Mondavi stumble so badly? Actually, with all the warning signs -- from heavy insider selling to cautions about potentially significant business problems -- a better question might be who would have thought it wouldn't fall?

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Mondavi, 80, and his children. Even with the multimillion-dollar take, the family surrendered almost no control: they retained virtually all their class B shares, with 10 votes a share.

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That will allow them to name three-quarters of the company's board.