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Fill definition What is a fill? Fill is the term used to refer to the satisfying of an order to trade a financial asset. However, it is option fill noting that there is no guarantee that every trade will become filled. For an order to be filled, there are certain parameters or conditions that have to be met.

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To successfully fill an order there has to be enough trading volume on the market — if there is no one to buy from or sell to, then your transaction cannot take place.

It is also important to make sure that option fill trade has not expired and that the market is currently within trading hours, as only orders that are open and option fill live markets option fill be filled.

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There are different ways that option fill can be filled, depending on the type of order being given. Market ordersfor example, are filled at the best available price as quickly as possible, whereas limit orders are filled at a specific price. If the conditions of your order are not met, it means that your trade will not be filled, and it will remain on the market or option fill worthless.

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