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Flame could be extinguished whilst still producing gas. When that happens, gas accumulates and combusts when you try to ignite it again.

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DO light your stove immediately after the cooker knob is turned on. Gas filling sg trading LPG gas is not toxic, it can lead to dire consequences that include fire combustion or suffocation if in enclosed area. DO NOT place combustible or flammable items near your stove.

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This includes your cooking oil, foam plates, newspaper, flame ignitor, etc. DO shut off gas supply valve instead of burner switch at the end of the day to ensure gas supply is fully cut off from source to hose.

Our specialist teams, including our jet fuel focussed Vitol Aviation team, have expertise in the full chain, allowing us to provide efficiency and add value to suppliers and customers alike. Gasoline With a range of logistical assets in strategic locations, our customers benefit from operational flexibility. We work with refiners, state-owned oil companies, marketers and distributers, to supply markets worldwide. Fuel An established fuel oil trader, with storage facilities in strategic locations including Rotterdam, Fujairah UAESingapore and the Caribbean and shipping circa 3.

This prevents any potential gas leaks. DO watch out for electrical sources that may ignite a fire.

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Using water could aggravate the fire, especially if the source is oil-based. Energy Saving Tips Save energy by focusing on highest heat value.

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Therefore, ensure that the tip of the flame is touching the bottom of your pot for maximum heat. Save energy during off-peak periods.

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Save energy by shortening boiling period. Water will boil faster within a shorter time and use less fuel in the process.