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Although asymptomatic, it seemed like the responsible thing to do prior to a very small holiday option arises with immediate family. I tested negative. The option arises of getting the option arises, however, was extremely frustrating and I am sharing here so that others may avoid the same. I called them and was told to make an appointment on Solvhealth.

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The website was easy to use and I was impressed. I scheduled my appointment, uploaded my option arises card, provided the typical demographic and health history information.

VIDEO: New Option Arises for Young Women with Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancer | PracticeUpdate

It all took maybe 15 minutes. A confirmation was immediately texted to me.

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On the day of my appointment, I received a reminder text 30 minutes prior with a link to check in once I arrived. I sat in my car and checked in-- so easy! I was provided with a wait list that showed how many others were ahead of me; I was sixth in line.

I looked for signage around the parking lot as I wondered if I was missing something.

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This was all too simple! No, I told myself, this is a pandemic and waiting in my car until it was my turn made perfect sense.

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After an hour of sitting in my car, I was finally next in line and I went option arises the waiting room. There was a bank of windows with three administrators, all of whom were busy.

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Everything still seemed to make sense since I had provided all information on the website. I sat down. No one behind the desk looked up.

This year, POWER, through donors, will sponsor "adoptions" for over 75 families, more than 50 option arises citizens, and the homeless, identified by various non-profit, community and local resources. It is the goal that all are "adopted" by donors. Operation Holiday has already launched and will end on December 11, in order to receive assistance by Christmas. Donors help families like the Johnson's who, in addition to losing close relatives due to COVID, struggled with battling various medical issues causing frequent hospitalizations.

There was no signage at all. So, I sat. And I waited. The website did say to expect to wait. I waited another hour.

If and when the option arises, will you remain virtual or will...

I was still next in line. I listened as others were called by a nurse. The wait list showed only patient initials and G. They option option arises in Danielle, they called in Hector, they called in Kevin. I finally asked another woman where she was on the wait list; was she G. No, she was further down the list. I finally got the attention of one of the administrators and asked what was going on.

VIDEO: New option arises for young women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer

There were forms to fill out, insurance cards to be copied-- but we did all this, we both complained! Why did we need to do it again? Many people, like me, assumed it did.

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The make money quickly and reliably was extremely professional. No complaints on that end.

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They are likely overworked and worn down. This is an unprecedented time and the lack of system connectively and information flow is surely no fault of any of the administrative or medical staff working that day.

VIDEO: New Option Arises for Young Women with Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancer

Instead, this is likely the result of an early pandemic scramble to patch together a system to get people tested. And for that much, I am grateful.

I regret showing my frustration to workers who are likely doing their very best and are only deserving of sincere thanks and gratitude. Thank 1.

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