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Marketing affiliates get instant payments to their PayPal accounts as soon as the item sells, with no payout threshold required. The downsides include that payments are only made via the PayPal platform, with no option for direct bank transfers. Also, looking at the top selling products, they are all digital downloads, and of lower quality, that could potentially lower the quality of a website.

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Finally, the affiliate marketing commissions will be taken back for a buyer that requests a refund. Image Credit: Pixabay Image credit: Image Credit: Pixabay Other affiliate marketing programs to consider There are a number of other affiliate marketing programs, including some major platforms not yet covered, which either bring together a large number of vendors under one place, or else are large retail platforms in themselves which offer affiliate payments.

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Then there are other programs where you don't even need to add any marketing or product information, but instead have affiliate links or advertising directly automatically inserted into your website pages.

Like with CJ Affiliate and Options affiliate programs you need to apply to different advertisers to be accepted, once that happens it's easy to get started.

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You can use simple links, or any of the promotional banners provided. The advantage here is that you can list eBay products and be paid for any link clickthroughs that result in sales, options affiliate programs having to actually market any products directly through eBay itself. However, if you're looking to monetize your website you should probably look to Google Adsense as one of, if not the main, source of income for those pages.

While the payout isn't high it does add up, and can help support your affiliate marketing campaign and revenue.

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The advantage is that the links work directly in your copy so you don't need to make room for adverts, but the disadvantage is that some malware can do something similar, so Skimlinks might not look the best for your users.

However, it's another option to consider on topic of your affiliate marketing and Adsense to help provide an additional revenue stream.

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How to earn money from Minecraft and other game servers We asked Nick Gillett, Co-Founder and Managing Director at PlayerLands, an online platform that allows developers to monetise their games, and players to buy and trade virtual goods, for his views on how almost anyone can earn money doing what they love doing best, playing games.

Block-based gaming juggernaut Minecraft celebrated its 11th anniversary this year. For reference, second-placed Grand Theft Auto 5 sits way behind on million copies sold. Nothing else comes close at least on desktop. Incredibly, the momentum behind Minecraft shows no signs of slowing.

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The problem is that handling the admin behind content — processing payments, integrating APIs, and managing security just to name a few issues — can be a slow and strenuous process. The good review online earnings for Minecraft server owners, as well at those involved with other games like Rust, CS:GO and Ark, is that new platforms designed to offer a store-front experience are now available to handle the virtual hard work.

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These stores are pre-integrated with leading payment partners, so server owners can have them up and running and taking money in a matter of minutes. As we head towards what is expected be a very digital-based forecast in options affiliate programs options in the UK and the UK, audiences for Minecraft and other server-based games could grow further still.

Despite the challenges of COVID, one positive for any content creator is that there is a huge audience ready to be entertained.

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