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Telcos ask Centre 24 official option clear roadmap on roll-out of 5G 2 min read. The customer can visit SBI official website to apply for loan restructuring option.

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The borrower needs to enter valid details like account numbers and mobile numbers on the bank's website. Then, the application will be validated by an OTP.

24 official option

The customer will know if he or she is eligible for the scheme and receive a reference number. This reference number will be valid for 30 days.

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Then the borrower can visit the nearest SBI branch to complete the required formalities. The customer will also have an option to visit the branch where the account is maintained and submit the loan-restructuring application.

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How will it work? On account of moratorium granted, 24 official option tenure of your loan will be extended by the period of moratorium and the EMI payable after the moratorium will be recalculated.

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Additional interest of 0. This is to offset the partial cost of additional provisions required to be made by the bank, the bank said.

24 official option

The last date to apply for relief under the loan-restructuring scheme is December Join Mint channel in your Telegram and stay updated with the latest business news.