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Get Rich Quick? When most people think of eCommerce they initially think of setting up guide to making money online own website, and while this is still one of the best options there are others.

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Start an eCommerce Website The most typical way of running an eCommerce business is to build your own eCommerce website and begin selling a product. Additionally, popular services like Shopify make the process even easier for newbies who want to set up shop online. Shopify also has some other excellent features like the ability to sell through Facebook Messenger, import products from AliExpress using the Oberlo plugin and much more.

For the ultimate professional option you can use Magento, however, the setup costs are extortionate and I seldom require any of the bespoke features and capabilities available with this high-end eCommerce software. Amazon FBA A tool many are still unaware of FBA also known as Fulfillment by Amazon is an innovative shipping and warehousing solution that allows you to buy goods from anywhere in the world like China, for example, using Alibaba.

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Amazon then handles all of your shipping to customers for you, freeing you up to be anywhere in the world running a physical goods retail company without any warehousing. This is excellent because it reduces your risk by taking away the need for expensive warehousing space, and Amazons ability to ship quickly to customers is impossible to compete with. Keep your customers happy and they will keep coming back.

There are many courses on how you can learn to sell Private Label products on Amazon or on your own website using Amazons FBA platform to manage all of your fulfillment.

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Want to learn more? Affiliate Marketing This was one of the first ways I got into internet marketing and making an income online. To put it simply, affiliate marketing involves you being a middleman or women on the internet promoting products.

While I am a big supporter of affiliate marketing and see it as a perfectly moral form of marketing it has earned a bad reputation among some circles as a result of certain unscrupulous companies using this method to growth hack their businesses and scale up and also because it is often associated with multi-level marketing MLM which uses the same concept but takes it one step further by adding multiple tiers and often a shoddy product.

This way you can say wholeheartedly that the product you are recommending and earning a commission for offers good value for money and solves a problem and isn't just some get-rich-quick business model you are trying to sign others up for. You can use affiliate marketing in many ways, on your YouTube channel, in your blog articles, on social media or by building your own educational website on a specific subject with tactically placed and appropriate product links throughout.

Expect an article on all of the best affiliate networks coming soon. Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? We have a detailed guide on how to start affiliate marketing. guide to making money online

How Pros Make Money Online

Now you can use tools like Shopify, Oberlo, and Aliexpress to have a dropshipping website setup in a matter of hours, or maybe a day or so if it's your first time. What is dropshipping? This basically involves you selling other websites inventory on your website, you take the payment and set the price you guide to making money online to sell for, you then send the supplier their costs and they "dropship" the product directly to your customer so you don't have to handle the goods and waste time reposting.

This allows you to save massively as you don't need to buy any stock. The main flaw with the dropshipping model can be keeping repeat customers because when you dropship directly from the supplier and the supplier is the other side of the world, your delivery times will be weeks and not the working days most people in developed nations have become accustomed to.

Create Your Own Merchandise One of the easiest ways to guide to making money online your website, blog or social following is to create merchandise you can sell on your online store. If you have a popular blog, Instagram or YouTube channel why not print your brand on a wide range of different goods from T-shirts, hoodies, skirts, and hats to iPhone cases, Pillows, and other household items.

This is a low-risk way of creating a product as there are no upfront costs and you don't have to buy bulk and store your own inventory, welcome to the world of print-on-demand. You can visit our full guide on creating merchandise on our create merchandise online guide.

Create an Information Product A popular way to make money online that has been around since the dawn of the internet is creating and selling an info product.

This could be delivered in one or more different formats depending on your skillset guide to making money online what you think works for the consumer.

Facebook Twitter In I had an idea for an internet-based business. Surely this internet thing would be a piece of cake. Sound familiar?

Examples of these include. Create Your Own Courses You can create your own educational course on any subject you are equipped to teach using tools like Udemy, Teachable or by building your own learning management system LMS with WordPress and a plugin called LearnDash.

You can create free content and premium content behind a paywall and charge customers either a one-off course fee or go for the subscription membership model.

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Your course can include text, podcasts, videos, and quizzes to add more depth and value. There are even courses on the most profitable binary options indicator to create courses!

Create an eBook eBooks are another favorite in the information product niche as they are easy to produce and even easier to distribute, of course writing a solid eBook isn't easy and takes some planning and a thorough understanding of the subject matter you plan to teach or talk about.

Remember not to be a charlatan and only create a product you know will be of high quality. This is a competitive space and there are some eBooks covering guide to making money online of subjects.

The tip here is to niche down and consider picking a sub-niche, something that is easier to make an impact on.

Comment Synopsis With the Internet taking over and influencing a large part of our lives, especially now with the work from home and social distancing situations in place to tackle coronavirus, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows. Coronavirus lockdown: 10 ways to make money online Earning money has typically been associated with and restricted to traditional 'offline' route. With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows, with secondary income streams.

Once you have written your book, check this eCover Maker for designing your book covers in 2D and 3D. Flip Websites If you enjoy building blogs and websites, populating them with content or hiring a team of writers to help and you are good at it, you can make a very tidy income just building websites to a certain point where they are monetized and making money and then take them to a website like Empire Flippers, Flippa or the Warrior forums.

Take a look at some of these websites and see what some fairly small websites are selling for.

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You can even buy and sell domains without a website attached on some of these websites but this is a dying art and also there are some moral questions surrounding domain squatting, at least if you do it excessively. Create a Digital Product Build an iPhone or Android App Perhaps a market that has become a little saturated in the past few guide to making money online however if you have a novel idea for a new app for smartphones like running iOS, Android or the Windows mobile platform then there are a heap of case studies and success stories of people making money launching their own apps and games.

Heard of Angry Bird? Flappy Bird? There are hundreds of courses online that you can use to teach yourself how to make your first app and maybe build a career freelancing with your new app-building talents to create a dual-income! Two birds one stone!

What are the benefits of making money online?

Pun intended! Isn't it always! Software has the benefit of easy distribution given all software can be digitally delivered with no physical product being required. Freelancing The internet is a fantastic place to find freelance opportunities. Remote working has become very popular over the years and the number of people who provide a service as a freelancer from their own home or a remote location is still growing.

If you have a skill that applies to freelancing and can be done remotely then this could be for you. Some great examples of popular freelancing opportunities online include.

The Beginnings

Copywriting If you are a good writer and salesperson then you might be interested to know that some of the most talented copywriters on Upwork. Copywriting isn't always for articles either, sometimes clients require sales copy for a whole host of different materials and mediums like presentations, videos or advertisements.

Web Design Web design is one of the most interesting and dynamic jobs available to anyone into internet, design, and computers.

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If you like the idea of programming and also enjoy design then learning to become a web designer or developer whether it be front-end or back-end could be for you. The internet is ever-evolving and as a result, websites need to constantly change and improve to keep pace, this provides a constant stream of work while keeping you on your toes and ensuring you are at the cutting edge of web technology and trends.

Using tools like WordPress can rapidly reduce the learning curve and courses from Treehouse and CodeAcademy make learning the basics of code as easy as 1st-grade mathematics. Proofreading Do you have a keen eye for details?

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If you are good at spelling, grammar and have a vast lexicon to draw from then you might find proofreading to be a profitable venture. The sheer amount of content that is being written and published daily online requires editors and proofreaders to ensure reputable publications, writers and websites don't appear as professional as possible.

Another approach is to contact website owners when you spot mistakes and make them an offer to proofread their website and explain the benefits, like not losing credibility with new readers.

Become a Virtual Assistant If you have good word processing skills, know how to do online research, send emails and do other tasks guide to making money online take the pressure off other busy businesses and individuals online then being a virtual assistant can be very rewarding. Virtual assistants can be required to perform a wide range of tasks and while some will only be required to know the basics of word processing, emails and gathering information, booking tickets and organizing a schedule others may be required to manage website tasks, social media and much more.

The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that if you find the right person or people to work for they may be willing to take you on and teach you different tasks and responsibilities over time, which in turn expands your skillset and can bring more opportunities or make you more employable to others in the future, not to mention it's also a great way to find a mentor.

Voice Over Work If you are confident and comfortable recording your own voice then voice-over work can be a great way to make money.

While there are a lot of people offering this service on low-cost freelancer websites like Fiverrif you are good you can really carve out a niche for yourself. People who have a diverse tonality and are able to do both professional voices for companies and fun character voices for entertainment projects can really cash in with some networking.

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Who knows maybe your work could lead to bigger things doing voice-overs in animations, film and TV advertisements? The sky is the limit! Translation Are you bilingual or trilingual? This is one of the best skills to have and can allow you to both sell translation services and also launch websites and blogs in different languages where you may be able to tap into a market that many English only speaking folk aren't able to easily enter and navigate due to the language barrier.

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Companies need their websites, documentation, advertising and other mediums translated into many languages. Google translate is not a professional alternative, at least not for articles and complex subjects. Start a Consultancy If you learn any skill that is beneficial to either individuals or businesses and can be operated remotely for the most part then you can easily guide to making money online a consultancy online and work from home.

Some businesses may require you to do call-outs to visit customers in your area and others might not require you to do any face to face in-person interactions with your end customer.

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You can use the internet as your medium to reach people locally and globally through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click PPC advertising to bring you more inquiries and customers.

I know this sounds obvious but to my astonishment, even inI am still meeting "professionals" without a website or any web presence whatsoever. Social Media Web 2.

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With this change came hundreds of thousands of new businesses, jobs and opportunities both directly in this new industry or as a result of it. With so many different social networks focussing on different mediums and formats you can specialize in one rather than guide to making money online.

For example, you could be a Snapchat marketing specialist rather than going for the big and broad market of social media marketing and really study the best ways to growth hack for brands using this one medium that has an emphasis on video content, innovative filters and is aimed at a younger userbase of gen-z and millennials. You can offer a long list of services in this business from social media automation and management, involving scheduling posts and managing campaigns and social PPC budgets to creating the designs of profiles, images, and short-form video content.

Become an Influencer or Micro-Influencer If you have built a large following on one or more social networks or find it easy to do so and replicate this success then you could be making a sizeable income as a social media influencer or micro-influencer by promoting products, services, and brands to your following.


Instagram really took guide to making money online to a new level over the past few years though people have been selling space on their social feed for years with Twitter being one of the best places in the past that have waned a little in market dominance since however, one thing about social media is that certain circles and niches tend to prefer a specific social network.

Reddit is big for the tech fans, Instagram is great for the masses and anything lifestyle orientated, the world of cryptocurrency is most active on Reddit and Twitter for example, while you will find brands in high fashion gravitating more toward Instagram. So you have to choose your weapons wisely to position yourself for the right market.