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Reports and papers often end up where mine always did — in the trash.

Here are 10 creative alternatives: 1. By term papers options a free website using tools like Weebly and Google Sitesstudents are much more likely to attract eyeballs to their work. Websites can be shared easily, and they live on when people stumble upon them through Google searches.

CITL Workshop: Designing Research Paper Assignments: Alternatives to Research Papers

Have you seen those super long infographics that you have to scroll down through to see all the information? Here are two great tools that will help your students create them: Piktochart can turn a report or paper into a flashy eye-catching visual. Term papers options with a predesigned template or use the graphics, text and other goodies to create your own from scratch.

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Canva provides a drag-and-drop interface that students can use create beautiful designs. Start with a perfectly-sized infographic template and add the text and visuals you want. Then save them as image files for the web or in PDF format for sharing and printing.

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Google Drawings interactive posters. Gathering lots of information for a report or paper onto a poster board might be impossible or require teeny tiny text!

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  6. Objective: Focuses on the process of research and the elements of a paper Research Log Assignment: While doing topic research, students keep a record of their actions: methodology, resources consulted books, databases, Web searcheskeywords or subject headings searched, noting both successes and failures.

A Google Drawings interactive poster see post on this here fits the in-depth research genre better because it can be a jumping off point for more information. Use a Google Drawing to present some visuals.

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Then, create links from that poster to Google Docs or other resources that provide more information about the topic. Linked YouTube videos. Researchers gather information and present it in video format in front of an audience of millions every day. Students can create short videos on term papers options different segments of their report or paper.

Alternatives to Research Papers

Then, they can upload them to YouTube and link them together using annotations. It becomes an interactive video version of their reports. See this example I did with a post I wrote on Google Classroom. ThingLink lets students create clickable hotspots on an image. Students use an image either use a pre-existing one, an information-based one like a map or a chart, or create one with a tool like Google Drawings or PicMonkey.

Then, they add clickable dots to important parts of that image. Those clickable dots can take readers to sources already existing on the Web or to Google Docs or other sources term papers options by students. Radio shows.

Alternatives to Traditional Exams and Papers

They could add interviews, sound effects, background audio from a site like a restaurant or a bus station, etc. Can be simple or complex. News broadcast. In No.

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Students could create a news show, blending video, images, sound and effects together using a tool like WeVideo or Camtasia Studio. It could be uploaded to a class YouTube channel where others could watch.

10 creative alternatives to research reports and papers

Aurasma aura poster. With Aurasma an iPad appstudents can create auras.

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An aura is a video or image that displays over something in real life when you look at it through the camera in the Aurasma app.

Students can create auras for different images on their posters.

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When the viewer scans the images with the Aurasma app, it displays videos or images with more information. Google Slides slide book. Instead of using a standard textbook, students can show their understanding by creating an interactive, engaging one! In place of reports and papers, students could create a slide book like this one created by Matt Macfarlane, a teacher who provides this to his students.

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Notice the images, links to sites and embedded videos. Which of these are you most likely to use? Interested in having Matt present at your event or school? Contact him by e-mail!