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Linda, a mom of three school-aged children, is at home doing laundry. The kids are at school. Her husband is at work. She looks at the clock and realizing the time, darts over to the large radio in the living room to turn it on.

The voices coming through the radio share stories of love, romance, and family.

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After a few minutes, the story gives way to a upbeat commercial about the latest and greatest laundry detergent. Do you know what Linda is listening to? A soap opera. Soap operas were invented as a delivery mechanism for advertisements.

Crazy huh? It gets crazier… Newspapers, sporting events, TV shows, billboards, podcasts, and magazines. All do the exact same thing. Get a bunch of eyeballs and attention focused on the entertainment of choice. Show them an ad.

Get paid by the advertiser. This is, in fact, one of the three ways to make money online. Model 1: Sell Ads Here are some examples online. Video ads that play before you watch a YouTube video.

Ads at the top of your Google results. Banners on the sides of news sites. Sponsorships in podcasts. These are all based on the same business model.

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And when done well, it works. You can use your knowledge and skills to build a website, blog, community, following, magazine, or even a following on social media. You see somebody that clearly spends half their day in the gym while the rest of us are chugging coffee and eating donuts at our desks.

That person has a few selfies taken at the gym. Of their buddy doing pull-ups. And then a photo of them drinking a protein shake.

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Holding the canister, which has been perfectly adjusted to show the label. They were paid to do that.


Three ways to make money in your audience is large enough, you can get paid to show ads or sponsored posts as well. Better hit the three ways to make money in Not every business is big business. For example, a local online magazine that covers a city could easily sell ads to car dealerships, realtors or restaurants in that city.

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He also happens to have a sponsor that sells horse manure forks. How many other places do they really have to advertise? When we talk about ways to make money online, anything is possible. And what classifies as a product may surprise you. You can make money online selling clothes, household goods, sporting equipment, and really, just about anything you can find on Amazon. Then there are handmade goods, which you can sell via sites like Etsy.

Three Ways to Make Money This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure statement for more info. That has turned into a mini-obsession as the subject seems to be popping into my mind again and again.

You can make money selling one-of-a-kind items like handmade carvings. Or you can sell a line of items, such as handmade scarves. Sell used goods via eBay, Craigslist, or the fast-growing letgo. You can also post in local communities on Facebook. This is where it starts to get interesting. At least to me anyway. You ship them the new items in appropriate packaging, with a unique label on them. Amazon posts them online. Sells them. And ships them for you. For example, lipstick, toys, and seasonal goods are often times sold by individuals that have purchased them on clearance.

Other things like vitamins, yoga mats, and travel mugs may have been designed by someone working at home. Manufactured by a company in China.

Then shipped to and sold through Amazon. In addition to selling physical goods online, there are endless options for selling digital goods. Digital goods can be in the form of eBooks, courses, videos, tutorials, or really anything that can be bought and transmitted via the internet.

They can be sold through online marketplaces, ecommerce sites, ecommerce platforms, or your own website.

Three Ways You Can Make Money in Surface Pattern Design

You can even sell through Facebook now. Did you know that graphic designers sell logo designs, powerpoint presentations, and flyers via Graphicriver? You can sell website templates through Themeforest.

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Your own music and audio clips through Audiojungle. And even your own photos via Photodune. Create them once.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Sell them over and over again. You can sell tax preparation, consulting, coaching, editing, writing, graphic design, legal help, and just about anything else you can think of. For example, through Fiverryou can sell research.

Phone messages.

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Graphic design. Video editing. And on and on.

The experts at CM Trading Partners suggest that, even though times are tough, making extra income is a little easier than you might think. The tourism sector, for example, has ground to a halt for now, leaving many employees on reduced salaries and others jobless. Other services deemed non-essential are in the same boat, and financial uncertainty is more widespread than it has been in decades. IBs are essentially agents for trading companies. And legitimate trading companies, like CM Trading educate people in trading forex and commodities, providing a safe environment and guidance that teaches people to trade successfully.

In addition to selling a service you perform, you can also sell access to software. We call this Software as a Service, or SaaS.

Three Ways to Make Money

Microsoft Office is now sold as a service. You no longer walk into Best Buy, buy the discs and download the software to your machine to use as long as you like. Pandora radio, Quickbooks online, and even Amazon Prime all fall under this category.

The bottom line: There is really nothing new under the sun. Business is business, and people are people.

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Sell ads.