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Confirms the selection of the contractor for implementing the job. Confirms the agreement for the implementation of the job. Confirms the final price and the job implementation time. Confirms the final technical specifications, price and the job implementation time. When all the parameters of the technical specification have been implemented, the contractor provides a demonstration of the job and confirms that the customer is presented with a completed solution.

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Provides the job to the customer, and confirms that the job has been submitted. Table 1 The actions of the customer and the contractor for each of the steps. The discussion of details and material exchange is produced in the messages of a particular task.

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Do not forget to leave all important messages in the form of commentaries, even if you have already discussed these issues through other channels of communication, such as chat, personal messages or oral discourse. Always secure all of the agreements you have reached in the form of messages, posted directly in the commentaries. Figure 9 Confirming contractor selection. After this, in the discussion, you will see a confirmation of the step, "Work Agreement.

After the customer's confirmation of the work agreement, the developer will receive the following push notification. Both customer and contractor will be informed with such push notifications after passing each step.

The contractor must also confirm agreement for the implementation of the job.

Figure 11 Confirmation of the "Work Trading robots order step by the contractor. After the contractor agrees to implement the job, the working agreement is complete. Figure 12 The "Work Agreement" step confirmed by both parties. As seen in Figure 11, step "Work Agreement" is now displayed by a light green color. This indicates that the step has been trading robots order. The customer and the contractor may continue to negotiate and discuss the details of the technical specification, the final cost and the tentative time of implementation.

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Note that the customer should proceed to the next step only after the final version of the technical specifications have been approved. Discuss all the nuances of the future solution; ask questions, even if the answers to them seem obvious.

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After all, the main potential problem is the lack of understanding; when one party assumes some things to be obvious and present by default, the other party may not see it that way. Therefore, certain factors may not be considered equally important by both parties, and thus not handled appropriately. Figure 13 The requirements to the Expert Advisor. When you discuss the requirements, you can also attach it in your comments as files with allowed extensions.

Figure 14 Attaching the requirements while discussing the job. You need to establish a clear trading robots order of each item in the technical specifications.

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Do not forget to indicate in what form the provided prototypes, demonstrations and transfers of implemented jobs will be produced. Before confirming step 2, the customer should provide a final list trading robots order requirements as an attachment. All the requirements must be specified.

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If necessary, the requirements can be presented using the images. The customer must provide the final version of the technical specifications, establish trading robots order amount of the payment and the terms and deadlines of job implementation. Figure 15 Confirmation of technical specifications by the customer and approving the final cost of the job.

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The contractor must agree to the terms of the technical specifications and the final cost of the trading robots order. Figure 16 Confirmation of agreement with the technical specifications by the contractor and approving the final cost of the job. Confirmation by both parties of the technical specifications must contain all requirements of the order. The confirmation at the given step indicated that all jobs will be produced in full compliance with the final version of the technical specifications.

No other preliminary agreements, written or oral, not described in the technical specifications, can be taken into account when evaluating an issue or complaint. After confirmation by both parties of the "Negotiation of Requirements" step, you will see the following message in the discussions.

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Figure 17 Confirming the "Negotiation of Requirements" step. After the completion of the "Negotiation of Requirements" step, it is impossible to make any changes to the commentaries of job discussions. In case it is necessary to make some changes, you need to send a new message with a detailed description of the necessary alteration.

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During the process of the job's implementation, it is desirable that the contractor continues to clarify the arising issues in the commentaries. Once all of the requirements specified in the technical specifications have been implemented, it is time to demonstrate the finished job to the customer.

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Additional comments, which arise over the course of the job, may be rejected by the contractor if they were not discussed over the preliminary stages. The trading robots order in which the demonstration will be produced depends on the nature of the order. For Expert Advisors, this can be the provision of test reports for a previously specified period.

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Dixie trading official site may also require the provision of additional logs about the work of the Expert Advisor, on a specific demo account of a specific broker and so on. This can be an attached video, or even a video conference, or the provision of a remote access to the contractor's terminal on which the finished program can be executed. All of the demonstration stages should also be reflected in the commentaries to the order, where the customer can ask questions with attached screenshots, and the contractor can respond to them.

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The purpose of the demonstration and its discussion is to ensure the customer that the ordered job has been done properly, and in the agreed upon volume. After the demonstration has been produced, the customer must either confirm that the submitted materials satisfy the nature of the order, or refuse it, providing a list of unimplemented requirements of the technical specifications.

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If necessary, the contractor takes a little time to correct the identified deficiencies, and produces a new demonstration. The process of validation of the "Demonstration" step is also automatically recorded by the Freelance service.

Figure 19 Confirming the "Demonstration" step. If in the course of working on an order, there is a deviation from the requirements of the technical specifications, then the customer or the contractor may appeal to the arbitrator to resolve the situation.

Typically, the solution is transferred in its source code, since the version of the compiler may change in the future, which will require recompiling the solution.