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This motherboard was picked because of its performance to handle the i9 as well as the dual m. In order to keep them performing you'll need to be able to supply those components with the needed watts of power.

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The fan is also very quiet in this unit, but you can pick any power supply as long its over watts. This allows us to hold the same amount of space but split over 2 drives for redundancy, speed and cost savings.

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There are different sizes depending on your needs and budget, so pick which ever ones fit your needs. I'd recommend staying with the 's and not dropping down to the model which has a shorter shelf life. Even if you don't plan on over clocking this cpu, the -ik offers amazing multi-core performance.

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As of August this processor has a CPU score of and is ranked as 5 on geekbench's list on common CPU's which only other more expensive intel chips rank above it 10,k etc for single core processing.

Remember to pick the Intel Motherboard when going with this option.

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Right now AMD is getting a bit more value for money on the multi-core although is slower on a single core chip. If your using multi-core for other things on your machine you might go for the AMD vs the Intel.

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Remember to pick the AMD motherboard when going with this option. So quiet in fact, you might not know your computer is even running.

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When you go to install this fan, note that there are two types of brackets and you'll want to install it correctly so that it fits the right way. I'd recommend installing your RAM and video card first before setting on the fan. This ram is specifically designed to be over-clocked which means you can make it faster when you need to in the future. Instead of going out to buy more parts you can just over clock this and the cpu and its going to be like buying a new pc.

However, with that being said, the most important thing right now is the 64gb of ram. That's going to provide you the speed you need to minimum trading computer the rest of the system and this isn't where you want to minimum trading computer your pennies.

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The important thing when choosing a video card is the amount of memory directly on the card as well as the number of heads monitors you can connect to this one. This will work great with the monitors below.

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Now you can get that same real estate without the 2 monitors being stuck together, perfect for traders. After the motherboard has been installed by putting in the screws to line up with the holes it will only go in one way.

Then insert the cpu, followed by the ram and the two hard drives.

List As you can see, there are many options when it comes to configuring a trading computer. If you configure it yourself, you are completely flexible. You could choose only high end components with maximum power and it would be still cheaper. Pro-Tip: Saving even more money is also possible.

One of the slots for the hard drives should be obvious, if your using 2 drives, then the other is under the silver heat sink on the board. You will need to unscrew it to gain access.

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Then you will install the heat sink, followed by the video card and finally the power supply. That's pretty much it and have fun! The parts below we had personally purchased with our own capital and use every one of them.