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Alignment In combination with the placement property of a SymbolLayerOptions this determines the rotation behavior of icons. When placement is "line" this is equivalent to "map".

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When placement is "line" aligns the icons' x-axes with the line. Scales the original size of the icon by the provided factor.

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Must be greater or equal to 0. Default 1.

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Property Details allow Overlap Specifies if the symbol icon can overlay other symbols on the map. If true the icon will be visible even if it collides with other previously drawn symbols.

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Tip: Set this to true if animating an symbol to ensure smooth rendering. Default false. If true, other symbols can be visible even if they collide with the icon.

Available built-in images are: marker-black, marker-blue, marker-darkblue, marker-red, marker-yellow, pin-blue, pin-darkblue, options icon, pin-round-blue, pin-round-darkblue, pin-round-red.

Default "marker-blue". Positive values indicate right and down, while negative values indicate left and up.

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Each component is multiplied by the value of size to obtain the final offset in pixels. When combined with rotation the offset will be as if the rotated direction was up.

Options icon [0, 0].

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If true, text will display without their corresponding icons when the icon collides with other symbols and the text does not.