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1. Develop WordPress Themes

Choose and buy your hosting provider Install WordPress Write your first post …. Building application to make money on wp Amazon Affiliate WordPress shop might be a fantastic choice for you to make money with your blog. When your visitors purchase those products through your links, you earn a commission. If you have a lot of traffic, this could be a fantastic way to make money. Or, maybe you already have a storefront and you want to take your products global. You can easily start your own eCommerce store on your WordPress blog by using a plugin like WooCommerce.

Plus, you can skyrocket revenue by adding live sales notifications for WooCommerce You can also create a simple order form in WordPress to start selling right away. Display Ads Another popular way to make money blogging is by placing ads on your website for your visitors to see. There are several ad networks around, but the biggest is by far Google Adsense.

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You make money when users see or click on ads that Google displays automatically on your site. AdSense requires you apply in order to run their ads on your website. It usually takes about 8 hours for Google to review your application and determine if you qualify for AdSense. Online courses are insanely easy to set up with LMS plugins. We recommended using LearnDash with MemberPress.

And the coolest part is that you can work on your course up front, then release it and get recurring passive income whenever someone buys the course.

How to SELL WORDPRESS SERVICES - Make Money - Start a Business

Monetizing your blog long term is easier to do with passive income like this. Especially because eCourses sell at a much higher price than other premium digital content like ebooks.

Monetize Your Site

You can use a plugin like Easy Digital Downloads to make selling your ebook super simple. If you already have some popular posts on your blog, you can repurpose that content into an ebook. This is a common way bloggers make ebooks fast.

Plus, you can also self-publish your ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing so people can find it on Amazon.

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This can help bring visitors to your blog and build your brand. If you decide to sell your ebook on your own website, consider tracking your CTA button clicks. That way, you can see which pages are most effective in driving sales.

So getting their email address should be a top priority in your email marketing plan. One of their wildly popular and effective tools is the Exit-Intent pop up.

Not quite what you're looking for?

A great place to add these pop reliable trading exchanges is on the pages your users leave your site completely most often, called exit pages.

To find your exit pages, we recommend installing MonsterInsightsthe best plugin for Google Analytics. Keep in mind, your site has to be large enough and have enough traffic for it to be worth paying for a guest post. But accepting guest posts can save you time, get you fresh content for your bitcoin gold algorithm, and make you some money.

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That could make WPForms worth it if you need more income streams. You can easily add custom fields to your guest post forms.

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This makes it easy to collect information from your guest bloggers and display it on your website. Plus, you can add a StripePayPal, or Authorize. Net payment form so you can collect funds when a user submits their guest post. For more application to make money on wp, check out our tutorial on how to require users to pay to submit a post in WordPress or check out how to accept payments with Stripe on your website.

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The PushEngage plugin lets you easily send a browser notification to subscribers every time a new post goes live. That can help to build a loyal audience who keep coming back to your site to read new content. Affiliate Sales Successful bloggers usually have an income stream that comes from affiliate marketing.

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As an affiliate marketer, you simply use your blog to promote a product and recommend others to buy it. Affiliate links are awesome because they work everywhere, not just on your website. You can use a tool like Pretty Links Pro to help organize your affiliate links and affiliate marketing plan. There are lots of affiliate programs out there, but ShareASale is a huge player that is popular with successful bloggers who make money online.

Start a Podcast A simple way to make an audience fall in love with you and your brand is to hear your voice. You can share affiliate codes over your podcast, plus run different campaigns and send users to dedicated landing form pages to make sales.

How to Make Money with WordPress

Tools like MemberPress can help you set this up easily on your WordPress website. Check out our post on how to create a membership website easily for more. Sell Freelance Services Another spectacular way to make money blogging on WordPress is to highlight and sell freelance services. Maybe you have a knack for copywriting and blog writing. Whatever you are good at, a WordPress website is the best place to offer and sell those freelance services online.

Accept Donations Sometimes the easiest way to get something is to ask. Keep in mind, most people are much more likely to give you their money if you make it easier for them to do it.

And, you can always create multiple donation pages for things like one-time, recurring paymentsor tributes and memorials. Here are some more donation page examples if you need some ideas to get started.

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Book Appointments with Contact Forms A really smart way to application to make money on wp money from blogging is to add an appointment booking form to your website if you offer in-person services. This is great for people in the beauty industry or others who may be trying to find more clients by creating a website. Plus, customers love filling out online forms versus having to call you for an appointment.

You can even connect your booking form to Google Calendar to stay on top of your schedule as you bring application to make money on wp more money from your site. Final Thoughts There it is!

We hope this list of the top ways to make money blogging on WordPress helped you find some great things to help you monetize your website.

2. Create WordPress Plugins

Want to get started with the perfect WordPress theme for you? Take a peek at our guide to the best small business WordPress themes. So what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful WordPress forms plugin today.

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