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You guessed it, I know: this binary option quote is focused on famous quotes, little nuggets of wisdom given to us by the ones who really made it in this business, the ones who are living the dream. And how much blunter can it get than the above quote.

Great People, Famous Quotes – Make You Trade Better!

Ah, but if we could only follow rule number 1… things would be much easier for us. Unfortunately, saying it is easier than doing it… after all, not losing money is a tricky endeavor if you are trading on a regular basis, but Mr. Buffett is probably talking about not losing money in the long run, not about individual trades, binary option quote everybody loses a few trades here and there, even the best traders.

This statement backs up the idea that a Holy Grail of trading does not exist and no matter how much we search for it, we will never find it.

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Instead, traders must find inner balance and acceptance of losses but at the same time, they must be able to make the difference between the long run and the short run: it is perfectly normal to lose in the short run but to be successful in the long run.

In other words, he agrees with the idea of losing trades, but if we read through the lines we will see that he is emphasizing the importance of Money Binary option quote. This is not meant to be an educational article so I am not going into deeper detail about Money and Risk management, but if you notice Mr. So, you might want to take a look binary option quote our Trading School section dedicated to risk management because if you are not educated, you might as well Donate your Money to Charity than trading online.


These essentials are like three legs of a stool — remove one and the stool will fall, together with the person who sits on it. Just like you cannot sit on a stool with one or two legs, you cannot trade successfully without paying attention to all aspects involved: the trading system is not all you need; it has to be backed up by a proper mindset and… money management… yes, another famous trader talking the most profitable strategy for options the importance of money management.

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They must be on to something. Wanna be part of the elite?

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Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes. A very common mistake is falling prey to a scam broker or simply to a bad one. I like a good underdog story and maybe the biggest underdog of all traders was Jesse Livermore.

99 of the Best Trading and Investing Quotes Ever Said

He was a farm boy who managed to make several millions during the early s and his strong belief was that how much you make depends directly on how much you are willing to work and study the market. He made and lost fortunes several times in the market before committing suicide in late but he left traders with important lessons to be learned.

He is just one of the many people out there who can inspire your trading drive through words of wisdom. This article shall focus in popular quotes and various wise words from popular business and trading personalities.

Investing is not a game where the guy with the IQ beats the guy with IQ. Now that I think of it, we actually have an article on that subject.

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In fact, the day when my chart goes to the left on its own will probably be the day when I stop trading and pick up… knitting or something similar. Do I sound irrational?

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