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If you take a look at what little information they actually allow you to see regarding the live accounts published at myfxbook you should immediately see a huge red flag.

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Look at the percentage of the account being lost in each of the consecutive losing months, assume the most conservative position size you could have applied, look at the starting balance of the account, and engage brain. May 24,pm 5 This one is a scam. It is a copy of maccimo v2 which is a free ea and besides its performance is terrible.

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  • Hits: Using an expert advisor allows to fully automate trading and eliminate such human failings as emotions, fatigue, or bias when analyzing the situation.
  • With AI-powered platforms, traders can significantly increase their capabilities handling huge amounts of data and constantly improving their forecasts.

Do you know how it works? What its money management is?

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These are some very important questions but if your happy thats great. May 25,am 9 I tried Forex Trading robot myth.

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Needless to say, I think this one is a scam! May 24,am 10 I trading robot myth this EA.

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TrendCatcher is dangerous - used on demo and performed extremely badly and I wont use on live account. The Scalper gave me mixed results - sometimes good and sometimes bad.

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Niether EA will go onto any live accounts. Legend had 4 really big losses and no profits demo. Their scalper had several small profits and then a loss that would wipe out the small profits.

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  • The Brokers are always trying to stop you out and take your money 1.
  • Janny working on credium.

I have Megadroid running on a couple demo accounts. I am using default settings.

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If anyone has any different settings that seem to work better, let me know. So far, results have been pretty good except on days when there is news.

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Binary option strategy 3 hours need to remember to shut it off on news days as it seems to get caught in a loss. So far any significant losses have been with news.

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I think that would be true of any EA bot, even one that works really well… I think news can give them big trouble.