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Guidelines for the Authors Sincewhen the first ENQA was held, the event has traditionally been held every two years in different regions of Brazil. Caldas Novas is a touristic city and has the largest thermal water spring in the world.

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The meeting was a great forum to review recent scientific contributions on electrochemistry, atomic spectrometry, mass spectrometry, analytical instrumentation, separation methods, sample preparation, environmental chemistry, energy, microfluidics, chemometrics as well as other topics in analytical chemistry.

The meeting also presented tribute and book release sessions.

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In parallel with scientific programming, the meeting also promoted a 3-day exposition of companies associated with the analytical chemistry field, making possible interaction with technical experts to accomplish the latest instrumental advances and find solutions for all routine laboratory challenges.

Due to the remarkable indicators, the 19th ENQA can be considered one of the largest editions since It is important to highlight some activities realized during the 19th ENQA.

The integration with high school students also deserves mention. Overall, more than students participated in this pioneering interaction.

By the late eighteenth century, substances had been divided into inorganic and organic compounds.

Other social activities included the donation of chemistry books. Around 90 books were received and donated to a charity boratero trading limited.

boratero trading limited

These actions were considered important for the host city. Lastly, we recognize the organizing and scientific committees and the overall staff for their support. Enjoy reading. Inhe began to work as an associate professor at FFUP and in as full professor.

boratero trading limited

Throughout his academic career in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Costa Lima has advised several PhD students in exchange programs with Spanish and Brazilian universities. He has held several management positions: as Chairman of the Board of Directors —President of the Scientific Council — and Director of the Faculty of Pharmacy — Outside the University of Porto, he collaborated with the Boratero trading limited School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University, Porto, Portugal, where he was responsible for the discipline of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Methods — He was the coordinator and executive investigator of more than four dozen research projects on the automation of chemical and biochemical analyses.

These techniques were then used internationally in the development of new analytical methods.

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Professor Costa Lima is the author or co-author of more than scientific papers published in more than Portuguese and foreign journals, in the areas of Fundamental Analytical Chemistry, and Food, Biological and Environmental Control Analytical Chemistry. He has made more than communications at national and international congresses, and his h index ISI equals 45 with over 16, citations. Inhe was honored by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Brazilian Chemical Society, in recognition of his contribution to teaching and research.

boratero trading limited

In Marchin the commemorations of the University of Porto Day, he was distinguished with the title of Professor Emeritus of the University of Porto. He was also president of the Portuguese Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences — and the Portuguese Society of Electrochemistry — Which factors influenced your education?

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What motivates you in analytical chemistry? Throughout my school education, a set of facts that led me to Analytical Chemistry came together. My entrance to the university, with facilities that do not exist today, has resulted from an occasional choice for the Chemical Sciences.

What are your lines of research?

boratero trading limited

Recently, the execution of a project funded by the European Space Agency has further aroused my interest in chemistry and analytical instrumentation in the absence of gravity. Do you boratero trading limited informed about the progress of chemistry research? What is your opinion about the current progress of research in chemistry in the Ibero-American region? What are the latest advances and challenges in instrumentation for flow injection analysis?

As I have already mentioned, my research activity has not significantly changed in recent years, which leads me to systematically follow the enormous growth of chemistry research in the Ibero-American region.

boratero trading limited

It should, however, be emphasized that it could be even more significant if collaboration between the various countries of the region were encouraged in some way. Concerning the second part of the question, I think it is difficult to find significant instrumental advances related to Flow Injection Analysis, except those concerning miniaturization. From the strategic point of view, it is boratero trading limited noting the rupture with the original and traditional concept of a laminar flow-based transport in favor of the boratero trading limited alternative of the use boratero trading limited pulsed flows.

What were the landmarks?

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What are the latest advances and challenges in analytical chemistry? It is tempting and easy to answer the formulated question referring to the advent or refinement of analytical techniques that have allowed reductions in the limits of detection and increases in the selectivity of the methods.

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From my point of view, the most important achievements in the analytical field is the increasing democratization of the use of instrumentation; that is, the ease of access to equipment, both in teaching and scientific research, and even boratero trading limited companies, compared to the existing situation in the last 20 years. In addition to this achievement, miniaturization has enabled the boratero trading limited use of equipment to monitor relevant parameters of the health status of its bearer.

What is the importance of these meetings to the development of the area? My presence at these events allowed me to note that the ongoing research in Latin America and the growing participation of young researchers are very significant, but the same growth has not been detected with regard to collaborative work among institutions in the same country or among institutions in different countries.

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Particularly in the case of the CIAQA, it is necessary for the societies involved in its organization to be more active in creating conditions for the movement and participation of its members in the congress, and it is urgent that, at the central level, projects are implemented to increase the internationalization of research.

Boratero trading limited addition, do you perform other jobs? How many scientific papers have you published and can you share any highlights with us? As I have already mentioned, my connection with research has not changed significantly in recent years, since I remain full time and exclusively dedicated to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Porto and consequently do not have any additional job.

My research activity developed so far has resulted in more than indexed articles that originated more than 16, citations. It all started at a congress held in Cordoba Spain inwhere we assumed the commitment to start a collaboration between Brazil and Portugal in the field of analytical chemistry, a commitment that was boratero trading limited cherished by Professor Henrique Bergamin Filho until his death.