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Network Investing in Digital Equity: The Case for Broadband Expansion With society rapidly digitizing and high-speed Internet access fast-becoming a vital utility, government must work to balance the needs of underserved populations with financial realities.

It handles more than 3 billion searches a day. But Google Search, although revolutionary when it was released, is just one of many projects launched by the Mountain View, Calif.

Shutterstock Some public and private stakeholders argue that financial matters such as return on investment ROI must be heavily considered when expanding broadband to unserved populations. But does digital equitythe idea that everyone should have access to the technology our society increasingly depends upon, reduce the importance of these financial aspects?

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Industry analyst Craig Settles, who has conducted needs assessments for communities interested in broadband sincesaid a lack of a guaranteed ROI should not stop broadband expansion. Settles has the advantage of being a researcher whose primary goal is to analyze and assist when called upon.

The importance of ROI is seen as more pressing for the companies that invest in broadband infrastructure. But government, too, has to be conscious about the bottom line. Nebraska CIO Ed Toner said that for any type of service to take hold, there must be a return on investment.

The companies—like the technologies themselves—are still in the early innings. While that makes picking winners among AI companies or robotics companies more challenging, it suggests that the best returns could be ahead.

In regard to broadband, Toner believes the private sector can solve the problem. The business case just has to be there. For her, ROI is based on the specific goals of a community.

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For instance, Youngers has heard about goals related to disaster recovery in Florida and monitoring the homeless population in Las Vegas. Jojo Myers Campos, state broadband development manager for Nevada, said financial calculations are essential for any broadband service provider, though she has seen a shift in how some providers approach rural broadband projects in her state.

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We used to not the most relevant projects for investing on the Internet hardly any provider that would consider the rural areas because it was so much money out of pocket and so little coming back on a short rate of return.

In Delaware, the approach has been to take money the state would have put toward the network and use that to subsidize the private sector so that the math for broadband projects can work.

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Toner mentioned several different technological solutions to the broadband issue fiber, microwave, white space and satellitegiving credit to the private sector for advancing the number of available options.

When asked whether she believes broadband should be thought of as a utility, Youngers said fiber is actually the key additional piece of infrastructure, pointing to a cost study that says 90 percent of U.

Spalter agrees with Youngers that wired infrastructure is stfoption binary options key to making broadband a reality everywhere.

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She said multiple solutions are necessary to keep prices down for some citizens. Some WISPA companies are willing to forego traditional profit margins and will even provide free services to schools, libraries, police and fire departments.

Campos echoed this sentiment and drew a line in the sand.

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