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The flexibility of LfA is designed to accommodate safety requirements that may be imposed by public health authorities to control the spread of COVID, as well as by travel and other challenges faced by BU students. The aim is to option bu the same academic content to all students, whether they are in a classroom, in a BU residence, or in another country, and to allow all students to take part option bu the same classroom discussions.

Three-semester program for LLM students*

Learn from Anywhere accommodates those students who may not be able to arrive on campus at the option bu of the fall semester, or who may choose to postpone their return to campus to maintain strict social distancing.

But it also enables Option bu students to return to residential campus life in the fall. Brown, BU president. LfA also enables the University to provide the necessary social option bu in classrooms, studios, and laboratory spaces.

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Under one possible scenario, if a class has 50 students, yet density requirements mandate option bu only 18 can be in the classroom at once, the class would be divided into three smaller groups, called platoons, and each student would attend every third class in person, and attend the other classes remotely.

If, during the course of the semester, a student begins to feel uncomfortable in an in-person class, the student can elect to attend that class remotely. Similarly, says Kennedy, if a student is unable to arrive on campus in time for the start of the semester, the student could begin the semester taking only remote classes and start in-person classes at a later date.

International students who are unable to arrive on campus in September can also start the semester remotely and begin in-person classes when they arrive at BU.

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We chose LfA because it protects option bu health and safety of everyone, students and faculty, and provides the kind of flexibility that students need in these difficult times.

She says students who have registered for fall classes do not need to take any action at this time, and all students will be notified if any action is needed at a later date. Physical preparations for LfA are well underway.

Amid closures and disruptions caused by the coronavirus COVID pandemic, universities across the nation are faced with a decision to either grade classes on a pass or fail scale or stick with a normal letter-grade system. Just days later, colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT announced they would implement pass or fail grading for all students for the spring semester, and other schools, including Syracuse University, said students would be able to opt into pass or fail grading without putting their credits in jeopardy. Now, BU students are beginning to think about what the possibility of moving toward an entirely pass or fail grading option could look like, with a Change. Brooke Grossman, a junior majoring in psychology, said she feels a option bu or fail option would devalue the effort she has put into the semester. Other students said they feel making all courses pass or fail would reduce some of the anxiety that has come with the transition in daily routines.

The University has option bu installing the additional technology required to bring LfA to hundreds of classrooms across the Charles River, Fenway, and Medical campuses. Plans for the training of classroom assistants who will be on options are scam to help instructors interact smoothly with students attending remotely are underway.

Classes option bu more than students may have two or more assistants.

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LfA may also make adjustment of some course content necessary, and in some cases, courses may have to be restructured. Kennedy says the ease of the transition to the new format will vary from course to course, with the most difficult being those with components like labs, clinical work, and hands-on instruction.

The Undergraduate Programs Working Group has asked faculty and department leaders of those courses to explore creative solutions that retain the high quality that option bu expect.

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Those solutions will be worked out in the next two months, Kennedy says. Some may switch to virtual labs and some may decide to defer labs to the spring semester, she says. Other solutions could involve supplementary videos or personalized Zoom sessions.

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